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The Electronic Lounge
Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Electronic Lounge - hosted by Robin Rimbaud A monthly club, on the first Tuesday of every month, that initiated the idea of the sociality of music and culture, encouraging conversation, creativity and friendship within the framework of club culture.

I acted as general host and regular DJ each month, consistently supported by Resident Lounger Tony Morley of Leaf Records. We would present the work of other labels and artists, but without any egotistical presentation. No one night would be advertised differently than any other, despite the attraction of some bigger names at times. I wanted the night be attractive because of the circumstances and environment, rather than the figures performing. As such we presented nights with Warp Records, Irdial, Crammed, Coldcut/Ninja Tune, and countless artists performing live within the confined bar area of the ICA.

Countless friendships and creative partnerships were born from this experience and it continued to run for five years, without a break, each and every month.
As the motto suggested:

“There’s a time to talk and a time to listen”

The Electronic Lounge - hosted by Robin Rimbaud