February 1998

February 1998

Strom Eight


Belatedly into the new year, having spent the last 18 months traversing the globe and collecting stamps for my passport.

It was great to meet with so many good people in the last year too – with work that took me right across america, to Lithuania, France, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Germany and then very occasionally my home city London!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed anonymously to the Wishing Well project – I received the most extraordinary amount of moving, optimistic, witty and surreal wishes one could only have imagined. The finished project will be premiered in St Polten in Austria in collaboration with Katarina Matiasek, a respected Austrian visual artist, in June 1998. I will do my utmost to initialise a web version for everyone who cannot find St Polten in their atlases.

My little London club The Electronic Lounge will be four years old in April and to celebrate we shall begin a series of live theatre events at the ICA in London and release the collection inspirationally entitled Sounds From the Electronic Lounge in May/June. If you are ever in London just remember it is the first Tuesday of every month at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, SW1) from 21:00-01:00 and I will always be around to meet and greet. We welcome Pita from Mego this month and his little box of electronic trickery. http://www.eunet.co.at/frank/mego

Had the opportunity of working with some interesting people recently too so expect collaborative recordings with artists such as DJ Spooky, David Shea, Thurston Moore, Future Pilot AKA, Terre Thaemlitz and others to appear on the racks of your local bargain store very soon.

I begin my Fellowship at Liverpool University this week and will be working in my studio there for the next seven months, towards the amazing ISEA conference there in Sept this year. Stay in touch for the list of artists for this – it is truly unforgettable.

Don’t forget to check out ‘Modulations’ when it is in your vicinity. A new film by the team behind Synthetic Pleasures it traces the evolution of electronic musics in the 20th century. Spinning through the electronic global historical sphere it draws in Autechre, Alec Empire, Christian Marclay, David Toop, DJ Spooky, Future Sound of London, Holger Czukay, John Cage, Markus Popp, Pierre Henry, Robert Moog, Teo Macero amongst countless others. For local showings check their website at http://www.caipirinha.com

Anyhow, it is always a pleasure to get mail from people and I do my utmost to respond. If for whatever reason you don’t want to receive copies of this little irregular list then just tell me and I’ll remove you from it straight away and then start to sell you insurance and double glazing instead.

Once again, thanks for the support and keep in touch.


::: recent releases :::

Robin Rimbaud / Scanner > The Garden is Full of Metal – (Sub Rosa SR104 CD)
Sound portrait of the late Derek Jarman, film maker extraordinaire. Includes CDR film on disc.

si- {cut}.db vs Scanner Bovine Revolver 12" ep on Sprawl Imprint (SP-VIN 01)
info tel/fax 0171 700 7569

Solar – a music travelogue volume two – on Solar recordings (solar@sbcshend.demon.co.uk)
compilation of sound sculptural works by Freeform, Michael Prime, scanner, Eddy Sayer and others

::: forthcoming :::

Sounds From the Electronic Lounge – CD on React UK
Compilation cd mixed by Michael Wells aka Signs Ov Chaos/GTO for 4th anniversary of London based club run by Scanner. To feature exclusive and licensed material from Techno Animal, Alois Huber,Panasonic, Starfish Pool, To Rococo Rot, Signs ov Chaos, Kirlian, Scanner, Gerhard Potuznik and others. Due sometime late May/June 1998. Live shows to accompany release.