February 2000

Hello circular people.

A rather more frequent mailing and apologies if this is of no interest to you. Just let me know and ‘swizhzzz…" you will not receive a repeat mailing.

My label Sulphur seems to be taking shape now – many intriguing releases lined up for the year. Always check out my new informative website which will detail forthcoming releases and events if you find the time.

Sound art as a medium seems to be the new black- with shows cocurrently running in Tokyo at ICC- ‘Sound Art:Sound as Media’, ‘Audible Light’ at MOMA in Oxford UK, ‘Noise’ in Cambridge UK and forthcoming shows at the Hayward Gallery in London and in Vienna Austria. Each seems to be exhibiting a refreshing view on the work happening, some more focused on the sculptural force of sound, others on the cross over between mediums and disciplines. The Vienna show will be intriguing as many artists will be present as exhibits themselves within the gallery making work in a temporary studio so come along and bring some sandwiches!

My new collaborative CD release with David Shea has just come out on Sub Rosa and is the first in a new series on this label to explore the genre of easy listening within a contemporary electronic context. Amusingly entitled ‘Free Chocolate Love’ it presents a collection of sentimental and cinematic works for you to enjoy a virtual journey through silky sheets of soothing sound.

Anyhow, back to the housework.
Thanks as ever for the support.
Best wishes

Robin Rimbaud


::: releases :::

MELCD001 DJ Spooky Vs Scanner ‘The Quick & The Dead’ February 7
MELCD002 Stephen Vitiello ‘Scratchy Marimba’ March 6
SULPCD004 David Toop / Jeff Noon – ‘Needle in the Groove’ May 6
MELDCD003 David Abir / Ashley Wales(Spring Heel Jack) – classical pieces – tbc
SULPCD005 SFT/Simon Fisher Turner – ‘Travelcard’ – radical reworkings of his material – tbc

::: diary dates :::

03.03 Imax Cinema London UK. Live soundtrack to Godard’s Alphaville
16.03 – 18.03 Other Minds Festival VI San Francisco USA.
Three days of concerts and think tank with Peter Garland, Annie Gosfield, Hamza el Din, Leroy Jenkins, David Lang, Hyo-shin Na, Paul Miller/DJ Spooky, Jacob ter Veldhuis and Christian Wolff.
Live concerts at Amoeba Records and Justice League
25.03 Nantes FRANCE Noise Museum Festival
27.03 – 31.03 Sounds & Files kunstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, A-1010 Wien (March 10 – April 16, 2000)
27.04 Sonic Boom opens at Hayward Gallery London

::: listen :::
Tone Rec:Demo Pack Demoli (Sub Rosa) CD
Alva Noto: Prototypes (Mille Plateaux) CD
John Berger/Simon McBurney: The Vertical Line (Artangel) CD
Philippe Cam: Caddie’s Day (Traum) 12"

::: read :::
Georges Perec: A Life in Words by David Bellos (Harvill)
Grooves magazine: USA (grooves1200@yahoo.com)
Cross art magazine: Italy (tocross@tin.it)
Jehan Sylvius & Pierre des Ruysnes: The Devil’s Popess (Atlas)