April 2000

Strom Seventeen.


I hope Easter is not filling you with too much nasty spot enhancing chocolate.

I am feeling very refreshed having recently returned from the Other Minds Festival in San Francisco. I spent almost a week at the Djerassi Ranch in the Santa Cruz Mountains, exchanging ideas and sharing music privately amongst a group of very sympathetic artists including David Lang of Bang On A Can, Paul Miller/DJ Spooky, Annie Gosfield from NYC, Jacob ter Veldhuis from Holland, Christian Wolff, Hamza el Din and others. A series of remarkable live shows followed in the city. Check out their web sites for more info and updates on the next festival and also I would positively encourage any artists to approach Derassi themselves to investigate their artist residencies.

The ‘Sonic Boom’ show opens at the Hayward Gallery in London this week and runs until June 18th if you are passing through town. Curated by David Toop it is a very personal approach to just some of the intriguing sound/art work that is being produced today, featuring Brian Eno, Paul Schutze, Christian Marclay, Thomas Koener, Pan Sonic, Ryoji Ikeda, Lee Ranaldo and others. A catalogue with a exclusive double CD has been produced to accompany the exhibition. The live show on May 4th follows shortly.

The next release on Sulphur is Needle in the Groove featuring the microscopically fragile exotica sounds of David Toop with celebrated digital faction novelist Jeff Noon, author of Vurt and Pollen. A rare live show on May 19 at the ICA London will accompany this release, with visuals by Tonne and malevolent sounds by yours truly.

The Digital Space CD/CDROM for Lovebytes featuring Kim Cascone/Smyglyssna/Terre Thaemlitz et al and CD ROM works by Tom Flemming/Adrian Ward,Mikko Maasalo and new collaborative work by Scanner + Tonne has just been released, so locate this if you are remotely interested in the interface between the visual interface and sound or simply want to enjoy the Designers Republic ‘scratch and see’ sleeve!

My recent ‘Free Chocolate Love’ CD collaboration with David Shea is now available on Sub Rosa if you are in the mood for some easy listening within a contemporary electronic context.

A beta site for Sulphur Records is now up if you are interested in knowing about new releases and as ever the Scanner site offers information and details on my projects.

The Scanner + Tonne site has also been handsomely updated for your delight.

As ever, thanks for your support and hope this isn’t too much of an information overload! If of course it is simply tell me and I shall ensure this list doesn’t trouble you again.

Best wishes

Robin Rimbaud


::: releases :::
MELCD001 DJ Spooky Vs Scanner ‘The Quick & The Dead’
MELCD002 Stephen Vitiello ‘Scratchy Marimba’ (http://motion.state51.co.uk/reviews/553.html)
SULPCD004 David Toop / Jeff Noon – ‘Needle in the Groove’ May 6
MELDCD003 David Abir / Ashley Wales(Spring Heel Jack) – classical pieces – tbc
SULPCD005 SFT/Simon Fisher Turner – ‘Travelcard’ – radical reworkings of his material – tbc

::: diary dates :::

04     Scanner/Pan Sonic/Project Dark/Ein Heit
06     Fabbrica Europa Florence: Leopolda Station
11     Webby Awards San Francisco: with DJ Spooky
18     Pompidou Centre Paris: with David Shea/Pole/Scanner
19     Needle in the Groove ICA London: David Toop/ Jeff Noon/ Tonne/Scanner
21     Sulphur Night: Batofar Paris with S.O.L.O, Ashley Wales, Tonne, Scanner and opening by Lucky Kitchen/ (sound installation)

08     Granular Synthesis : Anchorage NYC: with Pole/u-ziq/Scanner
11     Hot Medium – The Art Of Radio: ICA London – panel/presentation of new radio works

::: listen :::
Terry Riley Music for the Gift (Organ of corti 1)
Arovane Atol Scrap (Din)
Kronos Quartet Caravan (Nonesuch)
Various Staedtizism (~Scape)

::: read :::
Merge magazine #7 & #8 with free covered mounted CD with Mouse on Mars/Jimi Tenor/ Luke Slater/Scanner
Geoff Ryman 253 (Flamingo)
Pamela Lee Object to be Destroyed: Work of Gordon Matta Clark(MIT)
P Boswell 2000 BC: The Bruce Conner Story (Walker Arts Centre)