June 2000

June 2000

Strom Eighteen.


Summer has still not arrived here in the UK so it is a fine excuse to get travelling again or invest in an umbrella company.

Great to see so many sunshine faces in Sonar in Barcelona last weekend and to experience such intriguing juxtapositions of sound and image. The ‘Sonic Boom’ show in London seemed to be a fine success for everyone involved and the catalogue is still a must buy for anyone that missed it – a double CD and book to capture the essence of the show. The curator David Toop presented his collaboration with novelist Jeff Noon recently here, ‘Needle in the Groove’ as a live performance and you can now buy the Sulphur related CD product in the stores.

Check out The Digital Space CD/CDROM for Lovebytes featuring Kim Cascone/Smyglyssna/Terre Thaemlitz et al and CD ROM works by Tom Flemming/Adrian Ward,Mikko Maasalo and new collaborative work by Scanner + Tonne which was recently released, so locate this if you are remotely interested in the interface between the visual interface and sound or simply want to enjoy the Designers Republic unique ‘scratch and see’ sleeve!

Some glitchy work of mine is available on a celebratory ’10 Years of Sound Art’ from Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. ‘Beacon’ can be heard amongst new works from Max Eastley, Danny McCarthy, David Toop, Paul Dutton and others. Also if you can search out the Impakt Festival from Holland 10 year celebration CD with new material from Dat Politics, NonPlace, Ticklish, Markus Schmickler, Alva Noto and Frank Betschneider.

I am part of the Incubation conference next month at Nottingham Trent University. It explores the relationship and creativity of writing and the internet from 10-12th July if anyone is local. Other artists involved are Teri Hoskin, Stelarc, Geoff Ryman, Bernard Cohen & Christy Sheffield Sanford.

My permanent installation at the Wellcome Wing of the Science Museum was opened by the Queen today (I am still learning to kneel). Entitled ‘Sound Curtain’ it explores the invisible sounds of science. Hidden within the walls of the toilets on the ground floor it is certain to bewilder and amuse people in the years to come. It’s also a chance to view the Brian Eno related Clock of the Long Now, set to measure the time for the next 10,000 years!

Anyone travelling to the North of England from the end of the month might be interested to see the ‘As It Is’ exhibition at the Ikon Gallery where I have created a walking tour of film soundtracks – an opportunity to be Travis Perkins or John Travolta as you traverse the streets of the city. It runs until 10 Sept 2000.

For now, I thank you for continued support. And as ever, if this dulls your senses then just let me know and I shall not trouble you again.

Best wishes

Robin Rimbaud


::: releases :::
MELCD002 Stephen Vitiello ‘Scratchy Marimba’
SULPCD004 David Toop / Jeff Noon – ‘Needle in the Groove’ May 6
MELDCD003 David Abir / Ashley Wales(Spring Heel Jack) July 31
SULPCD005 SFT/Simon Fisher Turner – ‘Travelcard’

::: diary dates :::
5 July Transcultures Festival: Chinon France
10-12 July Incubation – Trent University UK
25 July As It is – Ikon Gallery Birmingham UK (until 10 Sept)

::: listen :::
Various OHM (Ellipsis Arts)
Pole 3 (KiffSM)
Fibla Landscopes (Sub Rosa)
Coil Musick to Play in the Dark 2 (Chalice)

::: read :::
Derek Jarman: Smiling in Slow Motion (Century)
Bas Jan Ader: retrospective catalogue (UCI)
John Cage: Writer (Cooper Square Press)
Matthew Barney: Cremaster 2 (Walker Arts Centre)