Random Dance – Nemesis


Choreography Wayne McGregor for Random Dance Company
Music Scanner/Robin Rimbaud
Costumes Stonewood & Bryce
Lighting Lucy Carter
Designer Sharon Smith
Digital Video Design Ravi Deepres
Creative Director Jamie Courtier
Costume and Mechanical Extensions Jim Henson’s Creature Shop
After Effects Compositing Luke Unsworth
Premiere 25 January 2001, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell
60 mins
The result of collaborations with artists working at the height of their fields, Nemesis explored the relationship between body, screen and machine. Extraterrestrial dance meets reality TV.

Nemesis was a live stage and visual work for ten dancers drawing on themes of virtual reality. It was named after the Greek goddess of vengeance, and inspired by a visit to the dilapidated In and Out club in Piccadilly. Nemesis explored emotion and mood, making explicit a non-linear, visually literate and communicative world.

Nemesis was created to celebrate the company’s tenth anniversary.