Lionel Hoche – Plexus/Praxis


Choreography Lionel Hoche
Music Robin Rimbaud – Scanner, Maki Ishii, Luciano Berio, Jean-Sebastien Bach
Costumes Lazare Bezy
Lighting Lucy Carter
Maison de la musique de Nanterre
Dome Theatre Albertville France
Centre National de la Danse France 2006
60 mins
A dance work featuring a diptique composed of a solo and a trio. The world première was on 21st October 2005 at the Maison de la musique de Nanterre.

Compared with the company’s more recent works, this more personal opus saw Lionel Hoche create an introspective piece for which he was the solo artist, accompanied by a musicien, Benoît Toïgo, who joined the company in 2005. Renaud Bez imagined the video and Lucy Carter created the light design. The trio that followed attempted to evoke the necessity of belonging to a community and used three objects imagined by Philippe Favier. Three autonomous dancers weave their way to interaction and community, man’s vital need to interact with others. I composed an original work for Praxis.