Jonathan Lunn – Reading Room

Reading Room

Choreography Jonathan Lunn
Music Robin Rimbaud – Scanner & others
Texts Anthony Minghella, Samuel Beckett, Raymond Carver and Billy Collins
Actor Juliet Stevenson
Set Design
100 mins
Reading Room was a new performance from the award winning and critically acclaimed international choreographer and director, Jonathan Lunn. In a series of scenes, focusing on different lives and relationships it looked at the connections, disconnections, pacts, secrets and lies of our human interactions.

Jonathan Lunn skillfully incorporates language into the choreography, using original text written by Anthony Minghella, Samuel Beckett’s last prose work ‘Stirrings Still’ and poems by Raymond Carver and Billy Collins. Each performance featured a guest appearance from either Dexter Fletcher, Miranda Richardson, Alan Rickman or Juliet Stevenson reading the text live. Reading Room included “Self Assembly”, the Place Prize Finalist 2006, and “Disassembly” an additional section specially created for a different local dance company at each venue.