Video, b/w, 16:9, stereo, BE/IT/FR, 2013
18 mins

An architect talks about the city he built. We travel through his virtual memory to a boundless, imaginary space. About a place’s memory, about fictitious buildings and the continuation of the past in today’s urban patterns. The architect’s ideas do not take on a particular form, but that does not make them less appealing.

Thing reveals an unreliable, yet beautiful reality.

Image Scanlabprojects
Sound Scanner
Editor Fairuz
Voice Liam Byrne
Dramaturgy Marianne Van Kerkhoven
Text editing & translation Mari Shields
Final sound mixing Maxence Ciekawy at Le Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains
Technical research Elias Heuninck, Yves Marquillie
Title design Michaël Bussaer
Produced by Auguste Orts
Executive producer Marie Logie

With the support of Flanders Audiovisual Fund, CERA Partners in Art, Kaaitheater, Academia Belgica (IT), Le Fresnoy studio national des arts contemporains (FR)

Thank you Dirk De Meyer, Christian Hajer, Thomas Parker, Paul Robbrecht, Alex Scott-Whitby, Matthew Shaw, Christine Sticher

This work is part of The art of ~scaping, a research project by Anouk De Clercq, funded by the Research Fund University College Ghent.

Distributed by Auguste Orts, LIMA, Light Cone