Accademia di Brera
Milan, Italy

Visitors to a fashion film exhibition in Milan organised by arts website POSTmatter were able to manipulate imagery on giant displays using movement and gestures (+ movie).

Held in a desanctified Renaissance church at the Accademia di Brera, the POST exhibition fused digital technology with imagery in a series of interactive installations. POSTmatter curated three fashion films that were displayed on giant screens, each of which could be altered by human touch or movement.

In each film, models wearing haute-couture garments by designers including Iris van Herpen move and dance in slow motion. When stood in front of the

screen that showed a film titled Echo, visitors used simple hand movements to warp the colourful movie into a spinning kaleidoscopic swirl. A fabric pad was pressed and stroked to blend together two films called Ripple in a cloudy haze.

On another large display, the imagery of models from the Gravity film was shattered into digital geometric patterns that distorted as people walked past then reconfigured once they moved out of range.

Scanner scored all the works.