Fierce Festival – Warwick Arts Centre
Axis Arts Centre Crew
Theatre in the Mill Bradford
Theatre show
October 2015

At a web site dedicated to the work of a cult novelist and his personal obsessions, fans gather to interact with their hero – and each other.

In this delirious space where identity is slippery and ideas are everything, an anarchic virtual community of queer punks and lonely teens, paranoid artists and wannabe slaves, forms and endlessly re-forms, until it’s hard to know what’s scarier: that a lot of what happens here isn’t really real – or that some of it is.

Inspired by and loosely based on the notorious blog of writer and artist Dennis Cooper, Weaklings disorientingly blurs fiction and documentary, fact and fantasy, to create a compelling portrait of people on the edge, finding a strange refuge together in dangerous times.

Featuring a specially composed soundtrack by Scanner, Weaklings brings together a remarkable cast.

Written and directed by Chris Goode.

‘The performance is strategically accompanied up by a spectacular soundtrack, somewhere between Massive Attack and the soundtrack to ‘Donnie Darko’’
Contemporary Art Magazine

‘In another country or another era, Dennis Cooper’s books would be circulated in secret, explosive samizdat editions that friends and fans would pass around and savor like forbidden absinthe…This is high risk literature’
New York Times on Dennis Cooper