Rijeka Airport Departure Lounge
Permanent Sound Installation

Water plays a large part in the make up of the area, with over 600 sq.km of sea and 1000km of island coastlines and mountains very close by, so Water Drops is inspired directly by the location.

Airports frequently draw people together from different backgrounds, continents and histories, many of whom are nervous, anxious or wary of travelling these days. Water Drops seeks both to welcome and bid farewell to visitors in a manner that compliments the essential characters of an airport with the emphasis on security and safety.

Water Drops is a six-hour work that is composed using a special generative music system is able to present an intelligent and sensitive environment with functional and aesthetic characteristics. It features largely percussive melodic instruments that are composed in the Istrian Scale to echo the sense of water drops, in collaboration with local musicians from all manner of backgrounds, amateur and professional, that combine into one single reflective, modern and relaxing environment.