July 2016


It is strange times indeed here in the UK. I rarely comment on political matters in a public fashion but this recent turn of events in the elections has demoralised and destabilised a significant portion of the population. My ideals have always been about opening up connections and possibilities in creativity and people and as you probably recognise collaboration is a key way in which for this to be expressed. I feel horribly sad inside that many of us here may now be perceived in a very different fashion overseas and a whole new level of rethinking and understanding needs to be untaken.


Meanwhile, briefly back in time, June was a month to keep me super occupied. Middlesex Voices was premiered as part of the FitzFest and I was honoured to meet many of the former staff of the now demolished Middlesex Hospital which one stood all around the magnificent Fitzrovia Chapel. Their voices and stories could be heard echoing around the resonant space. There is hope that this will be become an annual event and the work itself heard on a regular basis. For the time being you can listen to an interlude from the work here. You can read all about it here too.


Outlander was premiered in Venice last month, my modest little collaboration with choreographer Shobana Jeyasingh. Outlander was created specifically for the Palladian Refectory at the San Giorgio monastery, the home of one of Europe’s greatest paintings, the monumental Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese. The performance was live streamed and if you are quick enough now you can still watch the full work online, but I can’t be certain how long the link will remain live for. Sit back and enjoy it here.

My new work with choreographer Russell Maliphant premiered at Sadler’s Wells London last night to a capacity crowd. One of three new works, it starred multi award-winning Russian classical ballerina Natalia Osipova who is a major star in the dance world, alongside her partner in life and dance, Sergei Polunin. The work itself features radical re-renders of catalogue material of mine, reconfigured into a completely new sonic and emotional soundscape. The show will be travelling to the Edinburgh Festival and New York soon so let’s see how the critics can handle it.

I’ve been busy in the studio over the last weeks deconstructing my recent song album with the great Anni Hogan, which recently came out as Scanni on Cherry Red. We are planning to release a series of three remix EPs, one of which will feature nearly an hours worth of unreleased dark Scanner mixes, abstracting and taking the songs on a very different route. A preview is available on youtube, so stay tuned for the series to be begin soon and even better it will be FREE! Watch it here.

July brings some positively sunny adventures. I’m installing and launching Water Drops, my new permanent installation in Rijeka Airport in Croatia. Water plays a large part in the make up of the area, with over 600 sq.km of sea and 1000km of island coastlines and mountains very close by, so Water Drops is inspired directly by the location.


Airports frequently draw people together from different backgrounds, continents and histories, many of whom are nervous, anxious or wary of travelling these days. Water Drops seeks both to welcome and bid farewell to visitors in a manner that compliments the essential characters of an airport with the emphasis on security and safety.

Water Drops is a six-hour work that is composed using a special generative music system
that will present an intelligent and sensitive environment with functional and aesthetic characteristics. Visitors will be hearing this as the last part of their walk towards the boarding of their planes, a chance to leave with the sounds of percussive melodic instruments composed in the Istrian scale and then splintered digitally into thousands of tiny bits.

The work should slip harmoniously into the airport, offering up a fresh image that will be engaging, imaginative, newsworthy and contemporary and hopefully leave visitors with new sounds in their heads!

Towards the end of July I’m performing a rare live show in Manchester UK, given that I’ve largely withdrawn from live performance in recent years. I’ll be presenting the world premiere of Invisible Dust, a performance with artist Kasia Molga who has been developing some very unique work in recent years. This show will be the culmination of her Human Sensor project, developed for hi-tech clothing that lights up in response to the wearers breathing. It also displays colours that change with readings of air pollution the streets of Manchester.

Kasia has choreographed a series of performers to walk through the city centre from 23-29 July and our show will premiere on Friday 29th July in the city. We are hoping that we might be able to travel this show internationally too so let’s see. Read more about Kasia’s work here.

Passed, invisible to most

An expansive interview I made with Computer Music Magazine has just gone online where you read about stories about music, career opportunities, seeing Vangelis live with my mum when I was a teenager, my new Scanni album with Anni Hogan, The Amazing Spiderman, Moog synths, my diary collection, John Cage, Ableton Live software and so much more. Read it ideally at bedtime for a guaranteed sleepy night. You can it here.

Ghosts continues to entertain, bewilder and scare visitors to Cliveden National Trust which is encouraging. Visitor figures have been extremely positive with 500 people in just one morning recently, and some feedback which seems to frequently feature the words ‘amazing…haunting…relaxing…spectacular…’ and most entertainingly some members of staff who are afraid to enter the space now for fear of the ghostly sounds. The installation will remain there for the next few months so you still have an opportunity to experience it. More information can be found here.

Vinyl has been selling at a great rate at the Scanner Store and there are literally only 2-3 copies of the majority of the vinyl releases left now and there’s no repressing or second chances so don’t leave it too long. Digital downloads will be made available for the majority of the works soon too if that appeals though so keep your eyes and ears open!

So until next month

Professor Scanner

South Bank

::: listen :::
Swans: The Glowing Man (Mute)
Harry Partch: A Portrait (New World)
Abul Mogard: Works (Ecstatic)
Suzanne Ciani: Buchla Concerts 1975 (Finders Keepers)

::: read :::
Elgaland-Vargaland: 25 years (Art & Theory)
Eyes for Blowing Up Bridges (John Hansard Gallery)
William S.Burroughs: Pleased to Meet You (Prints Things)
Cabinet Issue 59: The North

::: film:::
The King of Kong: Seth Gordon (USA)
Wild Tales: Damián Szifron (Argentina)
Demolition: Jean-Marc Vallée (USA)
Cemetery of Splendor: Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)



Taplow UK
Open each and every day

A unique sound installation in the Sounding Chamber of this astonishing building, celebrating 350 years of history and notoriety, offering up a sonic picture of the building and the ghosts of the building that have occupied it over time


But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa
Guggenheim Museum
New YorkCity USA
29 April – 05 October 2016

The third exhibition of the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative, illuminates contemporary artistic practices in the Middle East and North Africa and the region’s diaspora. Presenting a selection of newly acquired works for the Guggenheim’s permanent collection, this exhibition will feature installations, photographs, sculptures, videos, and works on paper from a broad selection of artists. The exhibition is curated by Sara Raza, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator, Middle East and North Africa.Features Scanner’s collaboration with artist Ori Gersht. Following its presentation in New York, But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise will travel to Istanbul’s Pera Museum in 2017.


Night Haunts
By Sukhdev Sandhu
Design Mind Unit
Sound Design Scanner

Artangel Interaction invited
writer and historian Sukhdev Sandhu to write a nocturnal journal
unfolding over the course of 2006. His postings will appear sequentially
at this microsite specially designed by Mind Unit.
Sandhu’s forays see him prospecting in the London night with the
people who drive its pulse, from the avian police to security guards, zookeepers
and exorcists. Acclaimed artist and musician Scanner has collaborated
with Sukhdev and Ian Budden of Mind Unit to compose the sound for
the site. If you would like to be kept informed as each episode is posted,
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