Pattern Recognition

Choreography Alexander Whitley
Digital Design and Concept Memo Akten
Music Robin Rimbaud – Scanner & Oliver Coates
Set Design
Costumes Jean-Marc Pussiant
Premiere 21 September Laban Theatre London
50 mins
In this visually arresting new work, Alexander Whitley and digital artist Memo Akten join forces at the cutting edge of dance and motion-responsive technology. Opening up questions about learning and memory in relation to artificial intelligence, Pattern Recognition furthers a line of enquiry drawing on Whitley’s interests in philosophy, technology and design that seeks to redefine the boundaries between dance and other art forms.

Continuing a collaborative relationship initiated in the making of The Measures Taken, AWDC’s first production, Whitley and Akten have been working to develop and use as the basis of the choreography a responsive system of moving lights which can track, learn from and intelligently respond to the two dancers it observes.