Choreography Josette Baïz
Set Design Dominique Drillot
Music Robin Rimbaud – Scanner
Texts Frédéric Nevchehirlian
Costumes Claudine Ginestet
Premiere 2 November 2016 Théâtre Le Merlan Marseille France
70 mins
“When we speak about Alice, we speak about a change in scale. A loss of bearings in which the marvellous mixes with fear. Time, space is invaded by disproportion. “Ego” is then pressurized until self-doubt arises.

Who is she? A little girl or a kind of distorted avatar feeling bad about herself? Alice’s emotions are opposed; joy mixes with fear, calm with feverishness; the only constant elements are curiosity and the will to advance no matter what.

The Grenade children, from 8 to 13 years old, will endeavour to put into space this disproportion. From the in nitely small to the in nitely big, from speed to slow motion, from verticality to horizontality, the children will experiment matter, time and space going wild while being integrated into video images which will accentuate the loss of bearings. It is an initiatory journey that starts in a dark forest and finishes closer to the children’s inner selves. With a lot of questions about a curious, lively and ravaged childhood.”

Note of intend Josette Baïz, choreographer