November 2016


A chance to catch up on the last month and share all the creative adventures that have taken place, whilst enjoying a few days with family over in The Netherlands.

Frail to wake

I took another visit to Vex House in London in October for a feature that was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Music Matters on 29 October 2016. I was interviewed alongside Steve of Chance de Silva architects regarding this quite remarkable project, a living home for a future family that has been based on the work on the French composer Erik Satie. Truly musique concrete, with a soundtrack originating with the sound of the poured concrete of the building itself, you can own a copy of this on CD or digitally at the Scanner Shop. Listen to the broadcast here.

I was delighted to recently launch new work at the National Portrait Gallery in London, to accompany their new Choral Audio Guide. Reworking a series of choral works I presented five separate installations in the gallery spaces, with new variations on pieces by composers Britten, Burton, Bennet, Elgar and Hensel. Given that many of you might not have had the opportunity to enjoy these I’ve released them as a special Bandcamp edition, Choral Reworks, where you have them all for free or donate as you wish.

The download also features photos of the installation and a copy of the original programme for the evening event.


Earlier this year I was very happy to have worked with artist Aura Satz again. Her first solo exhibition in New York, Her Marks, a Measure opened at Fridman Gallery last month with new work that explores the role of women’s labor in the history of astronomy and ballistics. In both fields women made significant contributions to observation, data collection, and computation. The exhibition includes video, lenticular prints and slide projections and my hypnotic score to Between the Bullet and the Hole. Catch it before it closes on 5th November.

A rather wild new collaboration with filmmaker Chris Turner can now be viewed online at Twenty6 fashion magazine. KO is a skull cracking homage to the VHS violence of the late 70s and early 80s. Inspired by THX 1138 and The Exterminator, and styled by Sarah Jones in glossy black plastic, PVC, chrome and tassels, KO is cut to a specially remixed version of my distorted testimony to glamour Beauty, Blood & More. Watch it in full here.


Landscape exists not as an external presence, but as a conversation. It is a mediation and a meditation – it is the synapse that fires our relationship to the world and to time. Nowhere is this more present than when a landscape is vanished and, through some misty archival magic, reconstituted.” Beautiful words by writer and poet Justin Hopper, with whom I produced this special new work, Public Record: Ipswich Museum. Just 17 minutes long it’s designed for listening in the Ogilvie Collection of British Birds at Ipswich Museum. Since many folks can’t visit the museum itself we’ve made it available in full online so please download it here. It’s an extremely intimate and moving work, using the form of the haiku to focus in on the moment.

I’m continuing to write a regular column for Electronic Sound magazine, a journal that covers contemporary electronic music and culture, alongside features on art and technology. I recently wrote a feature on the value of recorded sound, as well as another on silence and the importance of finding space to think and contemplate. Next month I’ve written about the found voice in music, the chance discovery of unexpected sounds when you least expect them. You can buy copies online or even in traditional newsagents, how wonderful.

Continuing this theme of writing I was also delighted to meet with and interview American film director Tyler Hubby last month, for the UK premiere of his film Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present. Over six decades Tony Conrad (1940-2016) was astonishingly prolific in countless mediums, pioneering work in film, music and art. Though his name may be unfamiliar to many readers, Tony Conrad joined the dots between a vast variety of characters, music scenes and artists, from The Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol, counterculture film, Sonic Youth and minimalism in art and music. The film itself was a revelation so take the opportunity to see it if you can. Read the interview here.

Choice and decision

More of my dance scores are continuing to travel over the next month too, as Tomorrow with Rambert Dance travels to Wales and Edinburgh, Pattern Recognition with Oliver Coates travels to Dance Exchange in Birmingham, and Silent Echo with Natalia Osipova visits New York City Center. So I can travel the world sonically whilst staying happily at home.

Another generous free gift this month comes from Scanni, my project with composer and pianist Anni Hogan. Our second remix EP is now out featuring mixes from the likes of Dave Ball of Soft Cell and Ursula 1000, covering ground from electro, through torch song and Giorgio Moroder style hypnotic disco. It’s yours for free here, and whilst you are there don’t forget to grab my hour long batch of remixes from EP 1. Get that here.

This month I’m honoured to present a keynote speech at Festival des Idées at the legendary Sorbonne University in Paris. Free tickets for the event on 16 November are available here. More locally I’ll be performing a special intimate modular synth live set at Bells ‘n Whistles
Castor Village Hall, Peterborough on 12 November, with Ross Lamond who has kindly organized the entire event too. This modular system continues to be such an inspiration. I recently created a couple of new pieces using only two modules by Qu-Bit Electronix so take a listen here and here.

So thanks for reading, listening and watching.

Until next month I remain,

Professor Scanner

Escaping reality

::: listen :::
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani – FRKWYS Vol. 13 Sunergy (RVNG)
Jimi Hendrix: Machine Gun; The Fillmore East First Show (Sony)
Carl Stone: Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties (Unseen Worlds)
Supersilent: 13 (Smalltown Supersound)

::: read :::
Richard DiMarco: Joseph Beuys (Luath Press)
David Abernethy: The Prophet from Silicon Valley: (CreateSpace)
Tom McCarthy: Tintin and secrete of Literature (Granta)
Michael Sims: The Dead Witness (Bloomsbury)

::: film:::
In Pursuit of Silence: Patrick Shen (USA)
Quay Brothers: Inner Sanctums (BFI)
Complete Unknown: Joshua Marston (USA)
The Invitation: Karyn Kusama (USA)


Aura Satz – Her Marks, a Measure
Fridman Gallery
New York City USA

01 October  – 05 November 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 1, 6-8pm

Artist in conversation with Justine Ludwig, Senior Curator, Dallas Contemporary: Saturday, October 1, 5pm

Her Marks, a Measure is Aura Satz’s first exhibition in New York. Between the Bullet and the Hole is a film, co-commissioned by the Dallas Contemporary and the Sydney Biennale, focused on the elusive and complex effects of war on women’s role in ballistics research and early computing with a soundtrack by electronic musician Scanner


Night Haunts
By Sukhdev Sandhu
Design Mind Unit
Sound Design Scanner

Artangel Interaction invited
writer and historian Sukhdev Sandhu to write a nocturnal journal
unfolding over the course of 2006. His postings will appear sequentially
at this microsite specially designed by Mind Unit.
Sandhu’s forays see him prospecting in the London night with the
people who drive its pulse, from the avian police to security guards, zookeepers
and exorcists. Acclaimed artist and musician Scanner has collaborated
with Sukhdev and Ian Budden of Mind Unit to compose the sound for
the site. If you would like to be kept informed as each episode is posted,
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