March 2017


I’m writing this in some discomfort as I suffered a rather horrendous trapped nerve meets muscle spasm in my spine this week and as such have been rather knocked out. Resembling the dance moves of a geriatric, whilst walking at the speed of a snail, has meant closing the month in a much slower mood than I might usually endure. An episode in which I unwittingly re-enacted scenes from The Exorcist with projectile vomiting ironically led to my feeling a lot better though, although sadly having to cancel a public talk in London.

Set them on fire

Having said that things are moving ahead positively.

As ever contemporary dance hovers around the edges of my creative world and March offers even more adventures. Over at Dance Metro DC In Washington DC, my collaboration with choreographer Kyoko Dansu, Girl on Girl, premieres on 18th March. You can watch a video preview of the show here.

Tomorrow with Rambert Dance continues to tour around the UK, this month to Brighton and Cornwall, whilst Pattern Recognition with Alexander Whitley sets off to Montbéliard in France, and over in Melbourne the world premiere of a new work with Lucy Guerin, Split, takes place, with a new original score of mine, featuring a singular pulse that slowly morphs and changes over sixty minutes.


Twenty-one years ago I had the opportunity to play an extraordinary evening of music at the Southbank Centre in London at the invitation of Susan Stenger of Band of Susans. The evening was described as a gathering of mutant offspring from the worlds of rock and electronics paying homage to their common ancestors with an exceptional programme of classics of American experimental music, featuring the work of John Cage, Alvin Lucier, Phil Niblock. Christian Wolff, LaMonte Young and Rhys Chatham.

The Brood, as were so called, featured Panasonic, as well as members of Band of Susans, Elastica, Gallon Drunk, LMC and Wire, and I recently found a live recording all the recordings and have uploaded them for free download. It’s wild and really rather wonderful! Find it here.

Back in the more ‘traditional’ music world my remix for the late artist Muslimgauze is finally out on 10th March, alongside reworking’s by Bass Communion, Dead Voices on Air, Esplendor Geometrico, Rapoon, and others.  My version utilises my modular synth set up using Mutable Instruments Elements processing a Roland AIRA TR-8 drum machine, with live radio voices. You can listen to my mix here, and even order the album on a limited double CD here.

The amazing organist James McVinnie’s Cycles_1 is out on 24th March on Bedroom Community Records and I’m delighted to have a remix featured on this release. Cycles_1 takes tracks from James McVinnie’s 2013 album, Cycles (music composed by Nico Muhly) and offers remixes by Sam Slater, Matt Huxley, Talos, Paul Evans, Liam Byrne and Alex Groves. My piece is a deeply percussive work out that hovers with a melancholic intensity and was performed almost entirely live in the studio. Order it here.

Walking the fields

Most excitedly I’m off to Captiva to take part in The Rauschenberg Residency in March, which is located on the grounds of Robert Rauschenberg’s former home and studio on Captiva Island in southwest Florida. Over the years, Rauschenberg gradually acquired adjacent properties between the beach (on the Gulf of Mexico) and the bay (on Pine Island Sound), amassing over twenty contiguous acres. Captiva remained Rauschenberg’s home and primary workplace until his death in 2008.  

Nowadays the studios, houses, and property now function together as a creative centre that welcomes artists of all disciplines from around the world to live, work, and create. Established as one of the foundation’s major strategic initiatives, the residency program serves more than seventy artists annually.

In the running of my life and career and spending many hours administrating this will be an amazing opportunity to develop new work in a unique location. I’m intending to write a book I’ve made notes about for many years, and then need to search for a publisher once it’s all done. I’ll also be developing a new movement and sound project exploring flamenco rhythms with Dutch Girl in London for future performances. Check in at my Instagram account for regular pictorial updates.

I will also be playing my first live show in the USA in some years over in Fort Myers at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at FSW. It’s a free show and really hope that some of you might be able to make it there as it’s going to be a very special occasion indeed.

So, next month’s update will be a transmission from a small part of paradise.

Until next time

Professor Scanner

No one's alone

::: listen :::

Tomislav Simovic: Visitors from the Galaxy OST (Fox & His Friends)
Blanck Mass: World Eater (Sacred Bones)
Turinn: 18 1/2 Minute Gaps (Modern Love)
Taylor Deupree: Somi (12k)

::: read :::
Ben Rivers: Ways of Worldmaking (MP)
Cabinet 61: Calendars
Harry Mathews: My Life in CIA (Dalkey Archive)
Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album (Thames & Hudson)

::: film:::
Loving: Jeff Nichols (UK/USA)
Manchester By the Sea: Kenneth Lonergan (USA)
The Abominable Dr Phibes: Robert Fuest (UK)
Cemetery of Splendour: Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)


On the Origin of Art
Tasmania Australia
05 November 2016 – 17 April 2017

Collaboration with United Visual Artists as part of a group show curated by four scientists. This immersive interactive work explores how sound originated from the sounds of the human body and how we interact with the natural world.

Night Haunts
By Sukhdev Sandhu
Design Mind Unit
Sound Design Scanner

Artangel Interaction invited
writer and historian Sukhdev Sandhu to write a nocturnal journal
unfolding over the course of 2006. His postings will appear sequentially
at this microsite specially designed by Mind Unit.
Sandhu’s forays see him prospecting in the London night with the
people who drive its pulse, from the avian police to security guards, zookeepers
and exorcists. Acclaimed artist and musician Scanner has collaborated
with Sukhdev and Ian Budden of Mind Unit to compose the sound for
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