June 2017


I’m now happily one year older than my last newsletter and celebrated my birthday in a twelve-hour indulgence museum/art gallery orgy, ending the day wandering around the new Pink Floyd exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. I think my feet are still recovering.

In the basement

Thankfully I’ve also spent quite some time sitting down over the last month working away at many different projects.  I began May over in Gothenburg working with the choreographer Olof Persson on his new work, Dust, which features a series of dancers responding to recordings of the city around them. Whist there I managed to write around 35 minutes of new music to accompany the dance, and here’s hoping for a premiere in early 2018 for this new work.

Whilst there I rather foolishly decided to take a walk outside, having remained locked up in my room and studio for days on end, only to discover that this one night was the coldest ever since records began! I hurried back indoors like a cat in the snow. Thankfully the studios and offices of celebrated Swedish music makers Elektron were above and below my lodging so I could happily explore there in my downtime.

I’ve also been busy scoring a new work, ToGather, to be premiered at the Manchester International Festival, in a free public performance. Artist Susan Hefuna is creating both a performance and exhibition addressing some some of the most potent issues of our time: migration, movement and sensations of separation.

The focal point of ToGather will be a free public event to which everyone is invited on Sunday 9th July. Local residents, originally from as far afield as Iran and Sierra Leone, will trace individual paths through Whitworth Park. Featuring dancers from Company Wayne McGregor, the work will take creative inspiration from migrants’ experiences and stories, whilst my new original score uses recordings of the participants saying ‘together’ in their own languages as the inspiration for the piece. More details here.

Round the corner

Vex House in London is now almost finished. To celebrate The Observer newspaper recently published a large feature on this unique building that has its very own soundtrack, and we, Chance de Silva the architects, and myself recently gave a talk on this at the Bartlett School of Architecture. We are still in discussion regarding making a live performance in the house at some point soon too so stay tuned. Read all about it here.

The net results of my residency at the Rauschenberg Residency earlier this year continue. Now you can watch a short video online of my flamenco explorations with Zarina Rimbaud-Kadirbaks, where her footsteps triggered various electronic samples from floor sensors creating this particular mood. It’s only early days still but there is a real joy in exploring. Watch it here.

And I was delighted to find an unreleased recording of mine in this special Podcast from Disquiet, exploring ambient music, especially since the music was written whilst in the Waldo Cottage in Captiva.. You can even download the mix to enjoy offline when you need a little bit of relaxation time. Listen here.

My collaboration with artist Aura Satz, Between the Bullet and the Hole, is now on in Tokyo, as part of Open Spcae 2017: Re-envisioning the Future, an exhiition introducing works of media art and other forms of artistic expression born out of today’s media environments, to a broad audience. This remarkable has been travelling the world and I encourate anyone in Tokyo to make a visit to see the show, especially since I cannot be there.

I’m off to Brussels in early June to play a rare live show there at the invitation of the Belgian Modular Festival at the most handsome Beursschouwburg venue. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time setting up a portable case of Eurorack modular synths so that I can improvise a live set to headline the closing night. It’s three days of performances, lectures, films, workshops and market so try to make it along if you are local.

So with another hectic month, countless deadlines, new music, new films to watch, books to read, music to enjoy, I shall leave you.

So, until next month

Professor Scanner

Ready for my close-up

::: listen :::

Caterina Barbieri: Patterns of Consciousness (Important)
Luc Ferrari: Hétérozygote (Recollection GRM)
Midori Takada: Through the Looking Glass (WRWWW)
Deathprod: Treetop Drive (Smalltown Supersound)

::: read :::
Mark Tobey: Threading Light (Skira Rizzoli)
Who Killed Martin Hannet?: Colin Sharp (Aurum Press)
Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains (V&A)
Erik Kessels: The Many Lives of (Aperture)

::: film:::
The Handmaiden: Chan-wook Park, South Korea
Suzanne Ciani, A Life in Waves: Brett Whitcomb, USA
Mindhorn: Sean Foley, UK
How to get out of the Cage: Frank Scheffer, Netherlands


The Dreamer is Still Asleep
Little Moreton Hall
Cheshire UK

29 July – 31 October

The Dreamer is Still Asleep is a sound and aromatic installation that explores the transcendent state between sleeping and waking with sounds that would once have filled this grand National Trust building.


Open Space 2017: Re-envisioning the Future
Between the Bullet and the Hole
ICC Tokyo Japan

27 May 2017 – 11 March 2018

A group show, featuring Between the Bullet and the Hole, a film by artist Aura Satz that I designed all the sound for, which examines the role of women in ballistic research, early computing and pattern perception in warfare.