The Dreamer is Still Asleep :: Little Moreton Hall

29 July – 29 October 2017
Sound Installation with smell

The Dreamer is Still Asleep is a sensory art installation exploring the state between sleeping and waking. Combining sound and smell, visitors are transported back to a time when the house was very much awake with character.

The Dreamer is Still Asleep takes you back in time, to a place between sleeping and waking.

Tudor times were a challenge for everyone regarding the simple matter of sleep. Like today there were arguments that too much sleep was damaging for you, but also that too little was equally dangerous. Late bedtimes became a habit for many, depending on religious and moral sensibilities. Card playing until late in the evening, and even until the early morning, was common, and patterns of sleep became erratic. This was a time when sleep patterns were so irregular that the servants were sometimes known to sleep upright, leaning against the cupboard!

So now close your eyes for a moment and rest, listen to the footsteps, the voices, doors opening and closing, horses braying, and breathe slowly. Try to work out what is imaginary and real, and embrace the power of dreaming whilst awake.

Artist Scanner says,

“To me a building is always more than just a building. It’s a place of memory, of engagement, a place that reflects history. Little Moreton Hall offers up a wealth of history. Imagine if even the walls themselves could tell of all the events of the past,

the stories they’ve witnessed. The location itself radiates with history. My work will bring the space alive in subtle ways previously unimagined, reaching an audience that would otherwise never experience such sonic art, opening up the space in so many new ways, and letting the ghosts of the past bring new joy to contemporary visitors.”