A little musical exploration in the studio on a gloomy Sunday afternoon, with the Eurorack modular system keeping me happily distracted 🙂

Tech notes if you are curious – Intellijel Metropolis is the engine driving the melodies, with the Verbos Complex Oscillator and Endorophins.es Furthrrr Generator Oscillator creating the melodies. These are filtered through a Cwejman DMF-2 Filter, a Doepfer A-124 Wasp Filter, and Schippmann VCF-02. The Furthrrr Generator runs through the 2hp Freez to offer up these tricky little melodic runs. The percussion comes from the TipTop Audio ONE sampler. A Rebel Technology Χρόνος modulates the Verbos timbre. The random radio samples appear live from the Befaker ARRadio, and everything is mixed into the Intellijel Linix and Mutamix. The reverb is in the DAW itself, Ableton Live, a combination of AudioDamage EOS and Soundtoys Echoboy.