September 2017


It’s rapidly moving towards autumn already here and almost perfect timing for my new album that resonates with this changing mood. The Great Crater is out this month on 29th September on Glacial Movements.

Arriving to land

Commissioned by the label for a special limited edition CD release and digital too, it’s a rather epic and organic narrative, with works that explore the strange tale of circles appearing in Antarctica, which scientists spotted in 2014 as they flew overhead. The music contained is a reflective and very personal response to a growing concern with the fragile nature of our world about us, and how we need to treat it with greater respect and understanding.

You can order the album here, as well as listen to excerpts from the entire release. An art film was commissioned for the release too and directed by Ursula Berlot and Suncana Kuljis which will be released at the end of the month so stay tuned for that.

The Dreamer is Still Asleep continues to entertain and amuse visitors at Little Moreton Hall. As I’ve written before the work explores the ‘golden age’ of sleep in Tudor England using a combination of sound and smell. Simple as the work is in essence it seems able to transport those that experience it, and feedback has been consistently positive. It continues until the end of October 2017 so you might still have time to experience it in full there.

Last month I was delighted to play live at the Leeds Modular Meet at Belgrave Music Hall, with my mobile Eurorack set up in an improvised set. Within the next week, after this newsletter has been written, footage will be uploaded by the team behind the event, featuring both my performance and a rig run down, where I explain, quite playfully, what tools I’m using to make this magic happen live.

As ever it was a joy to spend a day with those of a similar synth interest and witness performances by VCOASDR, with his minimalist techno, and Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle, performing with his new Gristleizer synth modules, with their dark gnarly and beastly sound.

Vex CD

This month is another very rare opportunity to visit Vex House as part of Open House London. Vex is a a curved, fluted, in situ concrete house in Stoke Newington that sits alongside a series of very ordinary British homes. Designed by architects Chance de Silva the building takes inspiration from the work of French composer Erik Satie and his work Vexations. I was commissioned to create a permanent sound installation as part of the building itself, which uses the sounds of the house construction within the composition.

For those who cannot visit the house but are interested in hearing the work you can still pick up a copy of the CD here, and watch a conversation between the architects and myself exploring some of the ideas behind it all here.

My personal archive offers many pleasures, frequently surprising me with discoveries. Last month I found an old warped VHS tape with a promotional video for a track from Delivery, my album on Rawkus USA in 1997. Now twenty years later you can watch Barcode. Given how very rare it is to actually have a commissioned promotional film for one of my tracks, this is quite literally only one of a handful of films that have been officially made for my music. Watch it here.

Back in the mid 1990s I was commissioned by MTV Europe to create a series of short idents exploratory and playful in nature, which were screened for some months.  Created at the height of the telephone hacking period of my work, a selection of these can now be viewed online. Watch A River of Noise, More Connections and Choose Good Companions.

I’m about to embark on a very adventurous project with artist Kasia Molga, Ode from the Dirt will be a sonic and sculptural work informed by real time environmental data from the soil, utilising parameters such as moisture, ph, minerals or organisms. We will be working with a team of scientists in Dundee and anticipate presenting the final work in 2018-19. Meanwhile Kasia has just completed a new project at the Digital Art Centre in Taipei, Positively Charged, exploring new ways of harvesting and circulating personal energy. Visitors to the installation will be able to play the role of a cell bursting with power, generating and transmitting energy. Without their active participation to ‘power up’ the exhibition they will not be able to fully experience the Positively Charged display. I was honoured to create a little soundtrack for this beautiful work. Watch an excerpt here.

September looks set to be rather a whirlwind travel month, as I dash over to France to work on a highly ambitious installation with French film director and cinematographer Bruno Nuytten, using 1000 photos and sound to create a passage of memories, to be premiered at Panorama 19 at Le Fresnoy later this year. Then I’m off to Washington DC for my first performances there in many, many years in a live collaboration with choreographer Kyoko Dansu at the Millennium Stage in the Kennedy Center on 28 and 29th September. I hope to see some of you there for these unique shows.

So I’d best get back to work there if I’m travelling so much!

Have a good month and as ever thanks for your continued support.

Professor Scanner


::: listen :::

Ben Frost: Threshold of Faith (Mute)
Mika Vainio: Oleva (Sahko)
Homage To Delia Derbyshire: Hannett’s Electronic Recordings (Ozit)
Ian Boddy: Tone Science (DiN)

::: read :::
Alasdair Gray: Monograph (Coningsby)
A Handful of Dust (Mack)
Colin McCabe: Studio- A Remembrance of Chris Marker (OR)
Simone Signoret: Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be (Penguin)

::: film:::
Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan, UK/NL
The Other Side of Hope: Aki Kaurismaki, Finland
47m Down: Johannes Roberts, UK/USA
Hotel Salvation: Shubhashish Bhutiani, India


The Dreamer is Still Asleep
Little Moreton Hall
Cheshire UK

29 July – 29 October

The Dreamer is Still Asleep is a sound and aromatic installation that explores the transcendent state between sleeping and waking with sounds that would once have filled this grand National Trust building.

Open Space 2017: Re-envisioning the Future
Between the Bullet and the Hole
ICC Tokyo Japan

27 May 2017 – 11 March 2018

A group show, featuring Between the Bullet and the Hole, a film by artist Aura Satz that I designed all the sound for, which examines the role of women in ballistic research, early computing and pattern perception in warfare.