October 2017


I’m writing my newsletter this month from the warmth of Washington DC, where I just premiered a new work, EroSpace, with local dance company Kyoko Dansu. It turned out to be a fabulous project inspired by the cables on a modular synth that influenced the movement of the dancer on stage. With the synthesiser projected large onto the back screen the dancer was dwarfed by the technology! For those unable to see the work here in Washington the Kennedy Center you can watch the full show back here.

The Great Crater

As months go this last one has been absurdly busy with adventures. My new album, The Great Crater, was finally released on Glacial Movements and received with some very generous reviews indeed. In an extremely limited CD edition (400 copies only) and digital, it’s a soundtrack to global warming at heart. Listen to a track here.

Magazine Sixty wrote of the album: “Outstanding. But before we go
employing lazy associations and cliques with regards to music that
sources ambience as inspiration let’s just say that this album isn’t simply
about mood creation but pushes further at the edges of existence. That might be heart-wrenching intensity or richly dark moments. Equally the rush of romance or happy possibilities which seem endless. There mercifully is not a rule book to follow here and it’s that very excitement that engulfs you in swathes of warm, difficult, probing, melancholy, electronically charged excitement
. ” Now buy it before it’s too late.

My album Delivery (1997) is finally back online too, many years after an initial release on Earache/Rawkus Records. Tune in at Spotify, iTunes and all those other fancy digital music stores. It’s always been a very popular release out of my extensive catalogue so am delighted that it’s available once more! It features my Stairway to Heaven or Bohemian Rhapsody in the form of Heidi, an unsettling and rather heart-breaking tale of failed romance.

The Dreamer is Still Asleep at Little Moreton hall has proven to be a great success over the last months and finally comes to a close at the end of October. Meanwhile I’ll be running a dream sound workshop there on Saturday 14 October if are in the area, where you can explore sound using the SubPac technology too, a way of literally feeling the music in addition to hearing it. For those unable to make it to see the installation there’s a little film produced by the National Trust that offers more context to the work in general. Watch it here.

Spinning, spinning, spinning

After the success of Narnia with Dutch National Ballet and ISH in Amsterdam we are returning to the stage in 2018 with a brand new extravaganza, entitled GRIMM. It’s the tale of two boys who find themselves in a fantasy world, where they meet Red Riding Hood and the wolf, the seven dwarves, Rapunzel, Snow White, the witch, Cinderella and other fairy tale characters in succession. It’s almost guaranteed to be a modest blockbuster of a show and I’m thrilled to have be working with the same team again on such a grand show!

Gift time – An unreleased sketch for Pattern Recognition, a contemporary dance performance, choreographed by Alexander Whitley, 2015-16. This section moved through countless variations, until the final piece was significantly different than this version, so I thought it would be fun to share it with the world, otherwise it will simply sleep on a hard drive in the studio. Yours to download and keep 😀

My recent live show at the Leeds Modular Meet at Belgrave Music Hall is now online for you to enjoy too. A completely improvised live set that developed into something really rather special, even if I do say so myself. For those curious minds who wish to know what gear I was using there’s also a breakdown of this in an accompanying video. Watch the full show here.

I know that many of you use Spotify to listen to music so I encourage you to follow me on there as I’m intending on setting up some very special playlists and mixes exclusively there soon. Follow me here.

A few more sonic travelling adventures ahead in October, with my only London live show for some time at 22rpm: An All –Day Electronic Music Festival on Saturday 7th October. This looks set to be a very special occasion with performances from Bola, B12, Plaid, Gescom and Valgeir Sigurosson so I’m thrilled to be part of this event. Then I’m off to the Kalisz Ambient Festival in Poland to close the month which should be fun (and mighty cold too).

So time to pack my suitcase to set up back home and catch up with deadlines.

As always, thanks for your generous support.

Professor Scanner


::: listen :::

Annea Lockwood: Tiger Balm Amazonia Dreaming Immersion (Black Truffle)
Kassel Jaeger, Jim O’Rourke: Wakes On Cerulean (eMEGO)
Aphex Twin-Mt Fuji Tape
Ursula Bogner: Winkel Pong (Fait)

::: read :::
Bart Hess: Future Bodies (Stedelijk Museum ’s)
Mil Ceulemans: Silent Treatment (Roberto Polo)
Ezekiel Honig: Bumping into a Chair (Anticipato)
Damien Hirst. Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable (Cataloghi)

::: film:::
Baby Driver: Edgar Wright (UK/USA)
A Ghost Story: David Lowery (USA)
Hounds of Love: Ben Young (Australia)
The Belko Experiment: Greg McLean (USA)


The Dreamer is Still Asleep
Little Moreton Hall
Cheshire UK

29 July – 29 October

The Dreamer is Still Asleep is a sound and aromatic installation that explores the transcendent state between sleeping and waking with sounds that would once have filled this grand National Trust building.


Open Space 2017: Re-envisioning the Future
Between the Bullet and the Hole
ICC Tokyo Japan

27 May 2017 – 11 March 2018

A group show, featuring Between the Bullet and the Hole, a film by artist Aura Satz that I designed all the sound for, which examines the role of women in ballistic research, early computing and pattern perception in warfare.