Four Words Technology

Tech Hub Leeds UK
23 November 2017 – 28 February 2018

Some scientists believe that at the foundation of our ‘reality’ might in fact be numbers and, if so, the likelihood they suggest is that it will be the number four. FOUR WORDS: TECHNOLOGY brings together professionals and visual art students from Leeds Beckett University to think about our broader relationship with technology in only four words, each animated over thirty seconds to an exclusive soundtrack that Scanner composed for the work. Other contributors to the project include a long-term member of pioneering electronic band Kraftwerk, the founder of the Foundation for Art & Creative Technology, sound engineers ARUP, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, East Street Arts, Leeds United Supporters’ Trust and students from Leeds Beckett’s MA Art & Design and undergraduate Fine Art and Graphic Arts and Design courses. FOUR WORDS: TECHNOLOGY will remain in situ for three months, kick-starting a new curatorial programme for Leeds and is also part of an ongoing series of billboard and screen works considering the relationship between the everyday and the avant-garde. The work is presented on the 9m-high Media Wall in the Platform Building that houses the new Leeds Tech Hub.
Texts by:
Amina Abbas-Nazari / Karl Bartos / Anat Ben-David / Eddie Berg / Griet Beyaert / C-drĂ­k Fermont / Teng Hin Chan / Clare Chojnowski / Ramona Ciucan / Ben Dalton / Paul A. Darke / I.R. Dashper / Bruce Davies / Alan Dunn / Karen Eliot / Hayley Farrington / Fathalla Fathalla / Jez riley French / East Street Arts / Alex Gaites / Naomi Gilby / Jo Hamill / Anna Harris / Stefan and Rufus Helmreich / Graham Hibbert / Christine Hinchliffe / Claire Hope / Jon Howe / Nasser Hussain / Invisible Flock / Luther Blissett High School / Lucki Kaur / Kate Hannah Lees / Paul Maguire / Simon McKeown / Roger McKinley / Susanna Moore / Lee Kirby / Sally Olding / Lydiarose O’Neill / John O’Shea / Hannah Procter / Lara Rose / Luigi Russolo / Gilbert Ryle / Scanner / Mary Shelley / Marnie Simpson / Lisa Stansbie / David Steans / R H Stewart / stukiii / Ian Truelove / Amanda Wanner / HG Wells / Helena Kate Whittingham / Louise K Wilson / Zara Worth

Curated by Alan Dunn with Leeds Beckett University and commissioned by Bruntwood.