live dates

Future Scanner live performances, soundtracks, installations around the globe


SOLO or DUET concerts

04.04 Response  Live with London Sinfonietta at Hayward Gallery London UK

21.04 Live with Maria Papadomanolaki Borderline Festival E.D.W. Athens GR

28.04 Live with Harold Budd Union Chapel London UK

12.06 A Little Bit of Everything: Scanner Scans Bedford
Queen Elizabeth Hall South Bank Centre London UK
Robin Rimbaud – Scanner is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for this special show

20.11 Festival Solair Zuiderpershuis Antwerp B


Contemporary dance by Lucy Guerin
Original score by Scanner

20.02 APAM The Playhouse QPAC Brisbane, AU
02.03 Adelaide Festival AC Arts Arts Main Theatre AU
03.03 Adelaide Festival AC Arts Arts Main Theatre AU
04.03 Adelaide Festival AC Arts Arts Main Theatre AU
05.03 Adelaide Festival AC Arts Arts Main Theatre AU

Fingers in the air 
Into the Future Junior Company
Dutch National Ballet
Choreographed by Juanjo Arqués
Original score by Scanner

10.03 MeerVaart Amsterdam NL
11.03 MeerVaart Amsterdam NL
14.03 ParkTheatre Eindhoven NL
18.03 AgoraTheater Lelystad NL
20.03 Theater de Spiegel Zwolle NL
22.03 Stadsschouwburg Groningen NL
24.03 Stadsschouwburg Leewarden NL
25.03 Leidse Schouwburg Leiden NL
28.03 Goudse Schouwburg Gouda NL
29.03 Goudse Theaters Tilburg NL
15.04 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam NL
28.06 Korzo Den Haag NL

Dutch National Ballet / ISH
Dance Collective
Choreographed by Ernst Meisner & Marco Gerris
Original score by Scanner

11.04 AgoraTheater Lelystad Lelystad NL
14.04 Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam NL
18.04 Schouwburg Het Park Hoorn NL
20.04 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht NL
21.04 Scheldetheater Terneuzen NL
22.04 Nationale Opera & Ballet Amsterdam NL
01.05 De Goudse Schouwburg Gouda NL
02.05 Chassé Theater Breda NL
03.05 Spant Bussum NL
05.05 Luxor Theater Rotterdam NL
06.05 Deventer Schouwburg Deventer NL
08.05 Atlas Theater Emmen NL
09.05 Theater aan de Schie Schiedam NL
11.05 DeFlint Amersfoort NL
12.05 Stadsschouwburg Haarlem NL
13.05 Theater de Vest Alkmaar NL
16.05 Theater de Spiegel Zwolle NL
17.05 Theater de Stoep Spijkenisse NL
18.05 Stadsschouwburg en De Vereeniging Nijmegen NL
19.05 Theater de Meervaart Amsterdam NL
20.05 Theater de Meervaart Amsterdam NL
23.05 Kunstlinie Theater Almere NL
24.05 Theaters Tilburg NL
25.05 Zaantheater Zaandam NL
26.05 Schouwburg Hengelo NL
27.05 Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague NL


08.03 Megalodemocrat: The Public Art of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer 
Monument National Montreal Quebec
World premiere of new film with original Scanner music


The School of Radio
Dark as a Raven
Antico Monastero Santa Chiara Italy
09-11 March 2018

Dark as a Raven is a sound installation that connects language, outer space and history, whilst reflecting on the city of Corby’s links to outer space since there’s a large crater on Mars named after the place. The name of the town itself means “Dark as a Raven”, which suggests a very cinematic soundscape and the Raven is well known as a mythological oracle; a messenger between the Greek god Apollo and human kind. The work responds to the capacity of a raven to mimic human sounds, so recordings of ravens speaking have been spliced into emblematic phrases, both abstract and strange.


Virginia Tech USA
17 May – 09 June 2018

Experience an evocative world of sound art in Soundscapes, an exhibition that features the work of seven leading contemporary sound artists, including Jana Winderen, Robin Rimbaud –Scanner, and Olivia Block. Curated specifically for the Moss Arts Center by internationally acclaimed sound artist Stephen Vitiello, the exhibition will present a range of fascinating acoustical experiences, including work using the latest developments in new technologies from an art form that has a long lineage tracing back to the Futurist manifesto through to subsequent movements and genres, such as Fluxus, conceptual art, and performance art.