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Live concerts for Scanner
Future Scanner live performances, soundtracks, installations around the globe

Live Concerts
07.06.19 Helston Museum Cornwall UK
27.10.19 Premiere new work Semibreve Festival Braga P


Lucy Guerin Inc
This is a square, a stage, a world, a life. Space is getting tighter and time is getting shorter. In Split, the dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner, one clothed and one naked, are framed by ever-diminishing dimensions of space and time with escalating intensity.”
Choreographed by Lucy Guerin
Original score by Scanner

05.07 Grec Festival – Mercat de les Flors E
06.07 Grec Festival – Mercat de les Flors E
07.07 Grec Festival – Mercat de les Flors E
09.07 Theaterhaus T3 – Stuttgart DE
10.07 Theaterhaus T3 – Stuttgart DE

Further European dates to follow throughout the year ahead

Choreographed by Juanjo Arques
With Dutch National Ballet Junior Company

05.07 Linbury Theatre Royal Opera House London UK
06.07 Linbury Theatre Royal Opera House London UK

A dance evening about the lifestyle of the 1960s based around Andy Warhol. In addition to my music will be recordings by The Lovin Spoonful, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, The Troggs, The Velvet Underground, Bobby Vinton, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Joe Cocker, Burial, Annie Gosfield, Bob Dylan and Anders Trentemøller

Choreographed by Jutta Ebnother & Orkan Dann

16.05 Mecklenburg State Theater Schwerin Germany
13.06 Mecklenburg State Theater Schwerin Germany

Dutch National Ballet

In the world of GRIMM, Cinderella walks in sneakers and other familiar fairy tale characters are all given a funky twist. This is no sugar-coated fable, but a modern-day romp in which ballet and hip-hop dancers propel each other to ever greater heights. GRIMM fuses the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel into one big adventure in which all the characters dance ‘happily ever after’. This season, Dutch National Ballet takes the hit production on a national tour.

A co-creation by Ernst Meisner and Marco Gerris
Original Score by Scanner

15.04.20 De Lampegiet (Try-Out) VEENENDAAL NL
16.04.20 Ita (Premiere), Amsterdam NL
17.04.20 Ita Amsterdam NL
19.04.20 Stadsschouwburg Utrecht NL
21.04.20 Theater De Maaspoort, Venlo NL
24.04.20 Zaantheater Zaandam NL
25.04.20 Stadsschouwburg Haarlem NL
26.04.20 Wilminktheater Enschede NL
06.05.20 Theaters Tilburg Tilburg NL
07.05.20 Theater De Kampanje  Den Helder NL
08.05.20 De Goudse Schouwburg Gouda NL
09.05.20 Theater De Kring Roosendaal NL
10.05.20 Theater De Kom Nieuwegein NL
13.05.20 Chouwburg Amphion Doetinchem NL
14.05.20 Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen NL
15.05.20 Theater De Lievekamp Oss NL
16.05.20 Chouwburg Kunstmin Dordrecht NL
17.05.20 Schouwburg Het Park Hoorn NL
21.05.20 Theater De Nieuwe Kolk Assen NL
22.05.20 De Harmonie Leeuwarden NL
23.05.20 Thalia Theater Ijmuiden NL
24.05.20 Theater De Vest Alkmaar NL
28.05.20 Nieuwe Luxor Theater Rotterdam NL
29.05.20 Nieuwe Luxor Theater Rotterdam NL
30.05.20 De Meervaart Amsterdam NL
31.05.20 De Meervaart Amsterdam NL (Matinee show)
31.05.20 De Meervaart Amsterdam NL
03.06.20 Zuiderstrandtheater Den Haag NL
04.06.20 Theater Orpheus Apeldoorn NL
06.06.20 Parkstad Limburg Theaters Heerlen NL
07.06.20 Parktheater Eindhoven NL

Installations /Artworks

Archive Land
MAKK Museum
Cologne Germany
4 May – 2 June 2019
Erik Kessels + Scanner

Installation using photos from the archive of the museum with a special commissioned score to accompany the work. With a special live performance on 4 May 2019. A limited box tape artwork will be available from the museum to accompany the show.

The MorrowSound Cube
New York Electronic Festival
New York City USA
31 July – 01 August 2019

Immersive 8:1 sound works installed in this unique speaker set up, featuring exclusive works by Stephen Vitiello, Olivia Block, Phill Niblock, Charlie Morrow, Martyn Ware, Pamela Z, Robin Rimbaud and many more.

Kunstverein Schwerin Germany
23 March – 19 May 2019

The two-part group exhibition “REDEFINE RELIEF” picks up the art historical term relief and raises the question how far it (still)remains applicable to contemporary artistic work – going beyond the classic, pre-defined idea as a reference.

A deliberate loosening of rigid demarcations allowed the genres to flow increasingly into one another in artistic practice. The concept of the relief, which in any case moves between the two fields of painting and sculpture, had become blurred with the emergence of new art forms in the 20th century and the extension of the concept of art in the 1960s.

Katarina Matiasek (AT) und Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner (GB), Hendri van der Putten (NL), Franziska Reinbothe (DE), Rainer Splitt (DE), Beat Zoderer (CH)

By the Code of Soil
App for Apple/PC

An online networked digital artwork which invites you to experience soil through a uniquely data-driven generated audio-visual representation on your laptop or desktop computer. Simply download the By the Code of Soil software application to connect.

In collaboration with digital artist Kasia Molga, for World Soil Day 2018
Special thanks go out to Erik Overmeire and Dan Hett. By the Code of Soil was produced by FutureEverything, as a part of VERTIGO and GROW Observatory. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.