Four Words Future

Television is the medium of the masses, or the ‘drug of the nation.’ Even today in our heavily digital age it remains the centre piece of any house. We receive so much information through this fancy technological rectangle so it’s a joy to turn this around on itself.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed collaboration as part of my creative output, often more so than working solo. I was recently approached by curator Alan Dunn to work with him on a very special opportunity indeed. It’s a follow up to his FOUR WORDS project that allows people to present four-word statements on complex issues through language.

Football, Faith and Youth

FOUR WORDS: Future, is the last version of this concept, produced as part of a Metal Time and Space Residency. It reflects upon the future of technology, football, faith, youth and the world. Alan invited me to score this 30 second animation that will be screened 60,000 times between 1-31 January 2019 during programmes aimed at 16-34 year olds on Channel 4’s online platform All4

Contributors to FOUR WORDS: FUTURE are Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk 1975-1991), award-winning independent Liverpool FC fan channel The RedmenTV, young females from Harthill Youth Centre in Liverpool, Leeds Beckett University graphics student Angus Evans, Mark Stewart from seminal bands The Pop Group and Mark Stewart & The MafiaAmina Abbas-Nazari (Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art), Liverpool-based agency Propaganda-Photo and artist/technologist Graham Hibbert

The soundtrack is inspired by the classic Beatles avant garde piece Revolution 9 from their seminal White Album. This 1968 work was created primarily by John Lennon with assistance from George Harrison and Yoko Ono. Lennon said he was trying to paint a picture of a future revolution using sound, so I followed a similar pattern, using voice and abstract sound.

You can watch the film online here. I hope you will enjoy it!