Collaboration has always remained at the centre of my production. It teaches the respect of space but also the relevance of context and extension of ones ideas to the other. And to be honest, it’s more fun than working alone! I’m excited that my recent collaboration with Amsterdam based clarinet player Gareth Davis, Footfalls, is about to hit the shops in the next month. And, of course, the internet too.

We recorded the work remotely, Gareth in his studio space and me in mine. I would take his recordings and run them through my modular synth system, in a remarkably simple way most times. I used one of my favourite modules from Make Noise called The Morphagene. The Morphagene is a music synthesiser module as a kind of next generation tape and microsound music module that uses Reels, Splices and Genes to create new sounds from those that already exist. It offers up the joys that reel-to-reel tape recorders would offer in the past, slowing things down, reversing them and transforming then. Most importantly I could never anticipate where a sound might lead.

Most of these Morphagene experiments can be heard on Towards the Door on side one, a darkly ambient piece of music that slips between wakefulness and sleeping in tone.

On Side two, for Smokefall I turned to one of my favourite synthesisers, the Kilpatrick Phenol Synth, patching up a slippery throbbing rhythm that propels the music along, as I add live bass and other sounds to the mix. Hovering at the back of these recordings are the spirits of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno, even down to the sub-Fripp guitar lines I add to some parts, with little of the dexterity or finesse of Mr Fripp though I should add!

Reviews so far have been remarkably generous:

The rich experimental texturing oozes confidence, quality and comfort, like a good sonic blanket, but with just enough detailing to keep the more attentive listener satisfied.

The two tracks that make up the new record by Gareth Davis & Scanner, entitled Footfalls (Miasmah) are a slight left turn for two gents who have long established their own signature sounds. Released digitally and on orange vinyl, you enter a sonic glow of tones, stuttering and smooth, on the electro-ambient Towards the Door. It wavers, floats and bobs about in compelling muffled melodies. The flipside offers tingling reverberation and tactile effects that play and compete with an otherwise sleepy canvas of broken folky rhythm. Listen here.

Footfalls is out soon on Miasmah Recordings on digital and vinyl. Might I add that the vinyl is gorgeous too, in a very limited edition of just 300 copies, on orange vinyl, with metallic pantone spot colour artwork