My new album, An Ascent, came out last month and has been receiving some truly wonderful reviews. I’m actually both surprised and honoured at the response that people have been sharing with me, praising the atmosphere and character of this album. What’s especially interesting for me is that it was recorded entirely live, with no preparation. It captures exactly the moment of composition and performance at the very same time, equally so. None of the pieces were altered afterwards, with only perhaps the tiniest amount of trimming in terms of length, but otherwise remain true to what happened at that moment in time.

My friend Ursula Berlot created this video to introduce the album to the world, and it really captures the strange delicate nature of the opening track.

So, imagine my joy when another good friend, Anna Katharina Scheidegger wrote to me during this Lockdown period and explained how much this album was inspiring her, and how she’d begun sketching out ideas for a new work based around a piece taken from the album.

Anna is a Swiss artist who creates powerful photographic projects marked by conceptual focus, technical precision, and an undeniable sense of humanity. For this film she chose one of the most propulsive tracks off the album, Daylit Daylight, which remains in constant forward motion.

Here she worked with her photographs and mapped the image to the sound, as it builds layer by layer. Both the music and photographs are analogue, and for this film Anna has kept the photographic grain, moving from analogue to digital within the image, introducing colour and graphic patterns as the piece develops. I’m so honoured to have count such creative women as my friends and to share these works with you.

An Ascent is out now on DiN in a limited edition of 555 copies on CD and digital. Buy it here.