So, a new month and as regular as clockwork, here I am again. Looking back through the archives I see these newsletters go back as far as 1997, so that’s 24 years of sharing stories, music and my creative life with you. I wonder how long some of you have been with me then?

Close up of a white flower, the background blurred.

I’ve been busy developing the score to a new contemporary dance work that, given the current pandemic circumstances, will now premiere later in Amsterdam in 2022. Rehearsals and developments are currently taking place in Seville in Spain and, I’m constantly writing and sending over new ideas to inspire and encourage the structure of the piece.

Skiagraphia, as it is called, is a dance project made by the Spanish contemporary flamenco dancer Andrés Marín and German-Iranian visual artist Siba Sahabi. The combination of large-scale architectural sculptures and flamenco dance is unique in the world of dance theatre performances. Marín is considered a rebel – the Picasso among the flamenco dancers, whilst Sahabi is a bridge-builder between the Middle-Eastern and European culture. Her art installations were presented among others in the Saatchi Gallery in London and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires. So, you might imagine how thrilling it is to be currently scoring such a special work.

Black and white image divided into four sections, each featuring an image of a piece of paper folded into different architectural shapes

I’m also thrilled to be a part of Nine Earths, a new commission from the British Council in the lead up to the Cop26 summit in October 2021. The project is a collaboration with artists, organisations, climate activists and local communities, to observe and document the daily activities of people globally. Nine Earths will use visual ethnography, imagery, sound, and interviews to examine local lifestyles, revealing our everyday choices.

Globally, we are consuming 1.7 planets worth of resources each year. Nine Earths is an artistic project that explores our relationship with consumption in day to day life across global cities and cultures. I will be working closely with a superb team, including D-Fuse (London, UK), Metal (Liverpool, UK), RMIT University Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), Maya Chami (Beirut, Lebanon), Sembilan Matahari (Bandung, Indonesia), AguaForte (São Paulo, Brazil), Multiplicidade (Rio De Janiero, Brazil).

Image above the earth, looking down at the land, with the text Nine Earths One Planet boldy written across it

Nine Earths will initially be presented as an innovative and unique online live broadcast, interwoven with an original soundscape that I’m creating, that will run 24 hours a day for 4 weeks before the Cop26 summit. During the live broadcast, Nine Earths will host 2 live events, bringing together our global partners and project participants, to give audiences a deeper insight of the shared worries, hopes, research and the creative ideas for positive change. Read more about it here.

Following the success of my March 2021 show on Bandcamp, I’ve decided to make this into a regular quarterly event, with the next show on 20 June 2021. Each live show will present a completely unique live set, with different technical set ups, with the same risks as always. That’s to say, I don’t know where exactly the performance will lead to. And, as before, it will be a multiple camera set up with professional lighting.

Afterwards, I will remain online to chat with everyone and answer any questions you might have. Feedback suggested from some last time that this was in fact their favourite part, so perhaps I’ll just skip the music one day after all!

And, as before, you can watch the show back for 24 hours after broadcast, so you can catch up if it’s in the wrong time zone for you, or simply just enjoy the show again. Fan Club supporters at Bandcamp not only get a discount on the ticket price, but also a copy of the live show following the broadcast, exclusively for them. You can buy your tickets here. You can watch back an excerpt from the March 2021 live performance here: 

The last remaining copies of the Staging Silence film scores on double vinyl are still available at the time of writing on my Bandcamp Page. A review in the latest edition of Electronic Sound magazine captured it thus:

These meditations are pitch-perfect – classical ambience, chiming bells, climaxing early with ‘Staging Silence 2’ as a busy piano dilates into angular strings and broad-shouldered brass.

Bandcamp Friday returns on 7 April and I’ll be offering up some special releases once again. This time you can pick up my original score to Jean Luc Godard’s classic film, Alphaville. This album was originally released in an extremely limited edition on cassette on The Dark Outside label in 2019. It sold out within the hour. Since then, there have been numerous requests to hear this album so here’s your opportunity, now in full digital quality.

Album cover for Scanner Alphaville, with a white circle made of lights against a black background, abstract and dramatic

The album features two works otherwise unheard since the 1990s. Track one features an edit of my score for Jean Luc Godard’s Alphaville (1999) which I performed live at the time from San Francisco to LA, from London to Italy. The second track features the soundtrack for a temporary exhibition at Tate Modern in London, focusing on the work of Jean Luc Godard.

Accretions (1996) was originally recorded for VPRO radio in collaboration with the Australian writer Hilaire. It was then released on CD in a very limited edition. Other guest artists in the Mort aux Vaches series included Pimmon, Machinefabriek, David Shea, Tim Hecker, Muslimgauze, Merzbow, Ryoji Ikeda, Pan Sonic, and many more. For this special deluxe digital edition I’ve added close to 40 minutes of unreleased materials and remastered the original album too.

Album cover for Scanner Accretions, with an almost entirely black image, with faint images of texts in the background but impossible to read

Fan Club members get all these new releases included as part of their membership, and once again thanks to everyone for your amazing support over the last year. Last remaining copies exist of Mass Observation on CD, The Signal of a Signal of a Signal on picture disc vinyl, Fibolae on vinyl and more are available on Bandcamp. And some other vinyl delights!

I also just made an amazing photo session for a new magazine feature to be published soon, with the British photographer Jonathan Stewart. Stay tuned for some rather futuristic images soon. Below is a quick example taken here at home.

May is my birthday month so I’ll be older and even a little wiser next time I write. Well, we can but hope, eh?

Thanks, as always, for your support!

Best wishes   

Professor Scanner

Image of man, aged around 50, serious, staring directly at the camera. Wearing a high neck leather top he has short hair and an intense stare. Behind is an abstract padded wall looking like a cross

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