So, another year over and a new one about to begin. Not that I ever spend too much time thinking about the past, I tend to focus on moving forward. Despite Covid having an impact on all our lives, I managed to remain positive and creative in 2021.

Release wise this year was out of control! I released four albums of new music – Staging SilenceWing PingerEarthbound Transmissions and Alchemeia. I added a vast amount of back catalogue to my Bandcamp Shop, many with unreleased material in deluxe editions.

That includes FibolaeTrawlGN/ScannerTechnoramaFrankBrinkmann ScannerCaseAlphavilleScanniAccretionsCysticThe Crystalline AddressEsprits de ParisPlay AlongPublic Record: EstuaryThe Radiance Of A Thousand Suns Burst Forth At OnceFlower EchoesCorrespondence: Auguste Orts Film Soundtracks and NightJam. And probably a few more.

Remember that being a member of my Bandcamp Fan Club means that you receive all of this music included, for just £5.00 a month. Even doing the basic maths you are onto a winner! And it’s never too late to join up here.

And for those who would like an introduction to an already overwhelming catalogue I offered up two free collections of music this year. The Magician’s Hat Vol . 1 Ambient and The Magician’s Hat Vol​​.​​2 Beats.

November continued to keep me busy and out of trouble.  I made an interview with The Musicians Union about working through lockdown and measures I took to remain busy and creative. Read this in detail here, alongside some great photos!

Over this last year I introduced my Scanner Sunday live concerts which take place exclusively at Bandcamp. As such, I was honoured to be interviewed by Bandcamp themselves after I sent them a fan mail in gratitude for setting up this system. You can watch back my last Scanner Sunday #3 here, and previous ones on my channel, and read the feature here.

The winter months are now drawing in and the days and nights are growingly increasingly colder and challenging. According to statistics more than 11,000 people sleep rough on the streets of London every year. Rather disturbingly, a report by Shelter in 2019 estimated that on any given night in 2019, more than 280,000 people in England were homeless, but in the last year this has grown to 253,000, the highest figure for 14 years. Many of these are living in temporary accommodation, but since 2010 those sleeping rough sleeping has increased by 141%.

Back in 2006 I had the opportunity to work with New Horizon Youth Centre, the day centre for homeless young people in King’s Cross, London, at the invitation of London based arts producers Artangel. The idea of NightJam was both intimidating and appealing in equal measure. As always, with such unknown projects, I accepted, recognising how much meaning and insight such projects give to me personally, as well as to others.

My own experience of homelessness is modest by comparison. In 1999 I was homeless for a year, with all my belongings stored in an industrial lock up, ironically also in King’s Cross London. I lived in Liverpool in a hotel, and when in London couch surfed between different friends who kindly took care of me. This was one of the strangest times in my life, with no fixed address, no mobile phone, no landline, and no way of contacting me other than email, which at the time was still quite a rarity. I can’t deny that it was a personal challenge, extremely lonely and taxing.

NightJam was released as a special edition CD and given away for free at the time, but now I’ve remastered the music and added a deluxe package of music to Bandcamp, with exclusive remixes from Stephen Vitiello, Hakan Lidbo, Pete Lockett, Si-cut-db and Troy Banarzi.

The release remains free, but please consider offering something if you download this release. All donations will be passed directly along to New Horizon Youth Centre in London in support. Read more about my own personal experience of homelessness here.

I always enjoy working with other musicians and artists, and I’ve worked with clarinettist Gareth Davis a number of times over the years. Our Footfalls (2019) album will be out on 3 December, but next up is his In Vivo album, which features the soundtrack to the photographic work of Klavdij Sluban at the Fleury-Mérogis Young Offender Institution (France) from 1995 to 2016 [Beds]. Alongside Steven R Smith and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek), I performed on my modular synth. Out soon.

For anyone in Paris I’m super excited to premiere brand new work in a very unique endeavour. I have created a new sound work that will be exclusively sold in this new sound art gallery, ((le son 7)). They are based in France but itinerant, with two exhibitions each year in different cities. The first exhibition will be in Paris from 1-12 December 2021, the second in Buenos Aires in March 2022 and a third in London in October 2022.

The gallery shows and sells unique pieces of original sound art. Not installations nor visuals. Just sound. Each of the artists has created a singular work, only available in single editions for buyers. Other artists include Stephen Vitiello, Kathy Hinde, Burnt Friedman, Caroline Devine, KMRU, Little Annie and others. I hope some of you might be able to visit. 

As you will be aware the evil monster of Covid continues to bring challenges. As such, my show with my old pal Christian Fennesz from March 2020 that was postponed until November 2020, and was then postponed until April 2021, but was then postponed until December 2021, is now unfortunately postponed until March 2022! A whole two years after it was originally meant to take place. Fingers crossed then that my show on 18 December will still take place, when I will perform a very special show at Gnration in Braga Portugal in collaboration with the visual artists Joana Patrao and Adrian Romero which is really thrilling. I will also be giving an artist talk on 17 December. I’m delighted to be there, especially for the sweet treats! 

So, I wish you a wonderful and safe entry in 2022 and see you in the future, some place, some time!

Best wishes

Professor Scanner 

::: listen :::
Arovane: Reihen (12k)
Janet Beat: Pioneering Knob Twiddler (Trunk)
Robert Fripp: Music for Quiet Moments (Panegyric)
Alva Noto: Hybr:ID I (Noton)

::: read ::: 
Pierre Henry: L’ouevres (Philharmonie)
Spectres #3 Ghosts in the Machine (Shelter Press)
Wangechi Mutu: I Am Speaking, Are You Listening? (Delmonico)
David Curtis: London’s Art Labs (JL)

::: watch :::
Wojnarowicz: Chris McKim
My Salinger Year: Philippe Falardeau
Uncle Frank: Alan Ball
Undine: Christian Petzold