After four cancelled shows, my fifth and final attempt to perform in London at EartH will happening this week! Sometimes it felt like this show was never going to happen, as Covid repeatedly put a stop to it. I feel like this show was booked when I was a teenager and am now almost reaching retirement age!

Poster for concert in London, with bold text Fennesz Scanner Earth 4 March 2022

So, on Friday 4 March I will performing a new live set alongside my old friend Christian Fennesz for a very special night indeed. I’ll be bringing some vinyl and CDs to sell and it’ll be a joy to meet so many people in real life again! Please come and say hello if you can come along. Book here.

Now, we are all familiar with this scenario. You wait for a bus for ages, only for two to finally arrive at the very same time. Well, it’s a little like that with my releases. Only last month I was announcing my new album, Struktura Revisited, with the amazing Polish composer Olga Wojciechowska out on A Strangely Isolated Place, and now along comes La Fenêtre Magique on Werra Foxma Records.

Struktura Revisited with Olga has been received very well and I’m so happy about this. To offer a little more context around the release and the making of this album I wrote a blogpost. Read it in full here.

As I wrote last month, I also performed a special live set around the release, reworking some of the themes in an improvised manner, direct from my studio on Bandcamp Live. Here’s a short excerpt from that show.

La Fenêtre Magique is at heart a live album. I was invited to record a session for Steven Anderson’s last ever weekly ‘Magic Window’ radio show in August of 2021, not knowing how many people might hear this or not at the time. I was astounded at the responses online as the broadcast played out and afterwards was approached by Werra Foxma Records to release it in full. I added an extra unreleased track at the end to make it even more special too.

The album is out in April and available to order now on white vinyl, and I’m honoured to even feature as the cover star in the debut edition of their new magazine too. Disappointingly there is no centrefold to rip out and mount on your bedroom wall though.

Records sleeve for album, with white vinyl record sticking out of the sleeve. Cover of album is a black image of a window opening

Almost every month I’m adding to my Bandcamp collection and completing my discography there, and recently added a wonderful release with my very good friend, American sound artist Stephen Vitiello. Invisible Architecture #7 was originally released on Sub Rosa Records in 2002

This album is a collection of live concerts performed with Stephen Vitiello, and this special deluxe digital edition now features a previously unreleased show recorded at Fondation Cartier in Paris, a beautiful art centre, where we improvised together again back in 2003.

Scanner Fan Club members also received the full score to Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde last month. Taking cues from composer Edgard Varèse’s complete recorded work, this is my new score for John S. Robertson’s silent film version of Stevenson’s classic horror story.  This work was premiered live to accompany the film in Lille, France in 2010, but has sadly not been repeated since.

Blue image, old looking, of man screaming with make up. Looks like 100 years ago. Text across reads 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'

It’s never too late to join in the fun, and in the two years since I launched this in March 2020 Fans have receive 32 exclusive releases, unavailable anywhere else, plus a host of back catalogue releases, and a copy of every new release too. Join up here for less than the price of a pizza a month!

After the show in Paris in 2021, there is now a second showing of Le Son 7, this time in Buenos Aires. ((le son 7)) is a sound art gallery, based in France but itinerant, with two exhibitions each year in different cities. This second exhibition takes place in Buenos Aires, with a third in London in October 2022. They show and sell unique pieces of original sound art. Not installations nor visuals. Just sound. I am presenting an exclusive new work for sale in the exhibition, and really hope that some of you might get the chance to enjoy the show. More details here

If you have access to watching BBC TV broadcasts, then I thoroughly recommend tuning into a recent show, Wayne McGregor: Dancing on the Edge. I’ve worked with Wayne many times over the years on a host of projects. Without realising it chances are that you have seen the work of this esteemed British choreographer, from his work on Harry Potter through to Thom Yorke dancing.

The documentary is fantastic and explores his body of work, joining the dots between John Travolta and rave music, Diaghilev and Merce Cunningham, through to his recent work with Swedish popstars ABBA and their new VR show. My soundtrack to Nemesis (2001) that we made together is available here. Watch the documentary here.

My score to the short film HOME, will be premiered at his studios on 5 March, check out the details online. The previous premiere had to be cancelled due to bad storms in the UK, and we all remained safely at home! 

Compact Disc cover, very colourful with abstract lines curving around one another, in blue, yellow and black.

More live shows are being planned for later in the year. For my next live show I’m going to be performing Stockhausen: Aus Den Sieben Tagen at DOX for Prague Music Performance on 26 April. Londoner’s stay posted for a very special installation in collaboration with one of the UK’s most influential designers, which will be opening soon.

Time is not on my side, as always, but that’s positive.

Thanks for your support!

Professor Scanner

Man in music studio wearing a bright red top performs with a table top full of electronic music equipment

::: listen :::
Steve Roden: Oionos (Room40)
Richard Pinhas: Iceland (Bureau B)
Chang Park: Repetition Without Repetition (dingn\dents)
Anne Gillis: Ellipsis (Art Into Life)

::: read ::: 
Mark Stevens: Francis Bacon (William Collins)
Anne Turyn: Top Stories (Primary Information)
Nouritza Matossian: Xenakis (Kahn & Averill)
Carol Jacobi: Out of the Cage: The Art of Isabel Rawsthorne (Thames & Hudson)

::: watch :::
KIMI: Steven Soderbergh
State and Main: David Mamet
Miss Violence: Alexandros Avranas
Piercing: Nicolas Pesce