Back again, with another month of adventures.

I’m super excited to share news of this hugely ambitious project with my friend, the artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas.

blue image of lights across a bank of land, with two spectors admiring the art installation

I’m collaborating with Rafael on Listening Forest, which uses light, sound, and technology to create an interactive walk through the woods. Rafael is an award-winning media artist originally from Mexico City. He creates platforms for public participation using technologies such as robotic lights, digital fountains, computer vision, artificial intelligence, and telematic networks. We met up last month in Bentonville, to explore the area and talk through what could work in the different outdoor spaces.

Crystal Bridges itself is an amazing architectural wonder, so an opportunity to create new work in such an inspiring space in the North Forest is extremely exciting. In Listening Forest your body, your voice and even your memories will contribute to the experience.

Rafael is using absolutely state-of-the-art technology that I’m scoring for, and just imagine for a moment the experience. You can add your heartbeat to an array of 3,000 lightbulbs simultaneously blinking the rhythm of peoples’ pulses. You can control giant, 20-foot-tall stick figures made of light which I’ve designed sounds for. You can even leave a voice recording that will join a chorus of voices left by previous forest visitors, and so much more.

These kinds of events always prove to be very popular so it’s advisable to book tickets. Apparently, they are anticipating an audience of around 200,000 visitors! Listening Forest runs from 31 August – 1 January 2023

Moving Sounds reads the text above the image of a handsome man staring directly at the camera with a light in a cave behind him

Meanwhile I was delighted to have a chance to talk with musician James Heather recently in a broadcast for Soho Radio. He invited me to choose music that had inspired me in my life and which resonated at different times, so in the course of the broadcast you can hear musi from John Cage, Virgin Prunes, Steve Hillage, Brian Eno, Oval, John Dowland and others. I then shared stories of these discoveries and how they influenced me. Listen back in full here.

A genuine rarity made a special appearance on the digital shelves of Bandcamp last month. Conversations with the Dead was originally released in 2009 on Dust Science Recordings, run by The Black Dog. The series featured very limited-edition vinyl only releases (no digital) from David Morley, SND, The Black Dog, Mark Archer and others.

The release features a vast variety of moods in its relatively short playtime. Opening with the soundtrack to the World Swimming Championships, by way of excepts from a score for a theatre production, it’s a mixture of hyper energetic rhythmic workouts, sitting beside gentle abstract ambience soundscapes.

After many requests over the years and with the blessing of the label I can officially offer this digitally for the very first time. Pick up a copy here.

A record sleeve, white, with a large abstract black square shape at the bottom left and another abstract colourful logo to the top right

Live shows are now picking up and I have a few forthcoming performances. This begins with a free show on Sunday 13 August at Belgrave Music Hall for Modular Meets. I’ve supported this event over the years as it’s run entirely by volunteers. I will be performing an exclusive live modular set which I imagine will be filmed, so if you can’t attend, then you’ll be able to watch it back later on.

Then on 16 September I’m performing at The Cube in Bristol, with support from Amsterdam based artist Orphax. This looks set to be an intimate and very special night too. The following week I’m off to Warsaw to perform variations on Struktura Revisited, an expansion on my album release with Polish composer Olga Wojciechowska, on 22 September.

’ll also be collaborating with Swedish singer and composer Sofia Jernberg in a short live set, which is incredibly exciting.

In fact, for the first time in my career. I have just begun working with Folk Wisdom, an agency in Berlin who will book shows for me in the future, so this will hopefully answer all those enquiries when people ask me when I’m going to perform live in this or that country. They already take care of many friends so here’s hoping it will be a fruitful relationship.

Some studio fun this last month can be viewed here. This is probably some of the most fun I’ve had with a guitar pedal in a while. The polyphonic STRING9 String Ensemble from Electro Harmonix transforms a guitar into nine different string ensembles and string synthesisers, so I can still tap into the heart of my love of electronics whilst using my handsome Danelectro 59M guitar.

This is just live documentation of my improvising with it in the studio. Nothing special, just pretending I’m in a progressive rock band, but without the cape and long hair. And deliberate bum notes to keep you on your toes. Happy listening!

I was recently asked by the Foxy Digitalis website to create a mix for them and in a rather summery rhythmic mood chose a bunch of things I’d been listening to prior to the session. So, listen back here to a mix that features the likes of Burnt Friedman, Hélène Vogelsinger, Sophie, Avsluta, Ulla Straus and others.

Red coloured image of a radio antenna, hand drawn, with the word SCANNEr at the bottom

The Homeland of Electricity continues to receive positive reviews which is encouraging. Remember you can pick up the digipak CD directly from the label DiN here, and countless other online retailers.

I’m currently busy scoring a new work for Israeli photographer and video artist Ori Gersht, which will be premiered in Tel Aviv in September. It’s an exceptionally busy and elegant film, which resonates with Gersht’s interest in the relationships between history, memory, and landscape. More on this next month then.

I have just finished recording a new album with French artist Geins’t Naït. You can still pick up our last album here, and there are a host of releases to follow later this year and early into 2023. Stay tuned for more sonic fun!

Thanks for your support, as always.

Professor Scanner

A handsome white man with short blond hair stands in a graveyard looking across to his right, wearing a leather jacket and tight leather trousers, with a moody atmosphere

::: listen :::

Robert Turman: Flux (Spectrum Spools)
Kali Malone: Living Torch (Portraits GRM)
Kollaps: Until The Day I Die (Cold Spring)
Natasha Barrett: Heterotopia (Persistence of Sound)

::: read ::: 

Jerry Hunt: Transmissions from the Pleroma (Blank Forms)
Sam Knight: The Premonitions Bureau (Faber)
Brian Olewnick: Keith Rowe (Powerhouse)
Jonny Trunk: Wrappers Delight (Fuel)

::: watch :::

The Shining Girls (Netflix)
Run & Gun: Christopher Borrelli
In the Earth: Ben Wheatley
Nocturne: Zu Quirke