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Composed from cult British experimental sound-artist Scanner and developed in association with FutureAcoustic, Whisper sounds like nothing you've ever encountered before. Think of it as self-generative sound, adapting in response to your environment.
It's unique, ambient - and utterly hypnotic. Unleashing a whole new acoustic experience for the listener, Whisper is an infinite piece of sound art weaved into your everyday environment.

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MP3 Archive


To compliment the DECODE digital art show show at the V & A Museum London, The Joys of Listening Whilst Watching takes the visitor through a portion of the magnificent riches of the collection in the Museum via a soundwalk. Recorded in 3D, ideal for intimate headphone listening

Pavillon d'Armide
Part One, Part Two, Part Three
Excepts from soundtrack Monte Carlo Ballet France, choreographed by Matjash Mrozewski

Of Air and Ear
Soundtrack for Of Air and Ear installation at Royal Opera House London, visuals in collaboration with Sophie Clements

Summer by Summer, All Stole Away
Live recording of Scanner composition performed with Alter Ego at Teatro Alle Tese Arsenale Venice Italy, as part of the Venice Biennale Italy

Floatsome and Jettison
Collaboration with Tom Roe for free103point9 for Radio Web MACBA )at
MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona) Barcelon Spain

Moscow Radio
Exclusive collage
work, the result of two days of workshops with independent radio producers in Moscow Russia

Retuning Stockhausen

Live performance at Luminaire London 12.03.08 as part of SPNM evening tribute to Karlheinz Stockhausen. I played live guitar and electronics


Sinking of the Titanic

22 February 2007
Live improvised performance with composer and violinist Todd Reynolds
Variations on Gavin Bryars Sinking of the Titanic, in Philadelphia

Swan Rushes

Commission as part of Loughborough University's new arts programme, Radar, exploring the idea of place and identity of the town.

Excerpt from soundtrack for Shobana Jeyasingh / Mui Cheuk-yin
New Vision Arts Festival
Hong Kong 2006

(Special Treatment For The) Family Man
A cover version of the classic Tuxedomoon song
From the compilation 'Next No Nothing'
Optical Sound 2006

Night Email

Haiku, Really, Spam
Poems by Robert Crawford
Read by Bill Patterson 2006
Excerpts from BBC radio 4 production for 60th anniversary of Night Mail the outstanding black and white documentary with a libretto by W.H. Auden and music by Benjamin Britten.

Night Haunts
, Rivers
Soundtrack excerpts to Sukhdev Sandhu's nocturnal writings for our collaborative project for Artangel Interaction 2006-2007

Tate Modern Voices,
Tate Modern Hall
Two mixes created for Tate Modern Musicircus
28 May 2006

Glittery Plastic

From the tribute CD to the 1980s compilation, The Forbidden 80s on
Mr Mutt

Convergence / Lleisiau
Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven
Scanner travelled on board the BBC North Wales Hysbys during1995 to agricultural fairs, maritime festivals, sheep dog trials, etc, creating a series of broadcasts about the Welsh language.

To Meet the Moon
Originally released on compilation ...It Just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance)
on Nocharizma / Fulldozer Records Russia

Remix for USA contemporary string quartet Ethel

Waiata Tangi (Song_of_Sorrow)

Remix of Garrick Jones for exhibition of Swiss artist Urs Fischer
January 2005

World Today BBC

Commission for BBC news show exploring idea of global information.
I sampled all announcements of countries within the broadcast
January 2005

Kunstradio 1, Kunstradio 2
Re-Inventing Radio
An open-ended series of international events, featuring live mixes of the ORF/Kunstradio archives.

Europa 25
Created in response to a request from the British Council Brussels to find a way of celebrating the expansion of Europe in 2004, Europa 25 tries represents Europe's diversity and unity through sound and vision.
November 2004

Throbbing Gristle mix

Created exclusively for the RE:TG event at ATP/Camber Sands UK
May 2004

Measure for Measure (DJ Dangermouse mix)

Originally released on a limited edition EP in 2003 on Space Foundation, this is an exclusive mix with DJ Dangermouse

Street Symphony Hanoi

Live performance in Opera House, Hanoi Vietnam with local artists
November 2003

Pham Tuan Hung

Dem He, Nho Anh
Two collaborations with Vietnamese pop artist recorded in Hanoi Vietnam


scroll down to ARCHIVE>LIVE for exclusive film created with Shelley Fox / D-Fuse, based on the cyclical lives of family portraiture.


Exclusive compression of album The Garden is Full of Metal (Sub Rosa 1997) for performance in Toulouse France


18 September 2000
Recorded live in Rimini, Italy, at the 'After Radio' conference during the Prix Italia competition.
Limited to 200 copies on CD

Adria (Thomas Brinkmann
Originally released on Force Inc. A collaboration with seminal German musician and DJ Thomas Brinkmann
November 1999

Terre Loves Robin
(a.k.a. Scanner & Terre) Terre Loves Robin
Collaboration with American composer and designer Terre Thaemlitz

Live Performances

Scanner live in Leipzig Germany
27 May 1999

Scannerfunk Live in Club Lek
Amsterdam The Netherlands
24 January 2001

Scanner live at RGB festival
Amsterdam The Netherlands
22 May 2003

Scanner live on Kunstradio, ORF

Vienna, Austria
Visuals by Edith Garcia
3 September 2004

Scanner live in Riga Latvia
29 April 2005


Surface Noise

Artangel Commission London UK November 1998
Surface Noise 2.0: Sonarmatica Festival Spain June 2001

Commissioned to create a work around the city of London this work took a red double-decker bus as it’s focus. Making a route determined by overlaying the sheet music from London Bridge is Falling Down onto a map of London, I recorded the sounds and images at points where the notes fell on the cityscape. These co-ordinates provided the score for the piece and by using software that translated images into sound and original source recordings, I was able to mix the work live on each journey through a speaker system we installed throughout the bus, as it followed the original walk shuttling between Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Through the brief space of a bus journey the work drew upon many of our common reserves of sonic recognition, mingling the folk memory of the nursery rhyme, the background roar of traffic and the private sounds we make secure in the knowledge that no one else is listening.

Here is the complete soundtrack for the work, edited into five easy sections for download.

part 1.mp3 _ 10.1MB
part 2.mp3 _ 10.1MB
part 3.mp3 _ 6.3MB
part 4.mp3 _ 7.4MB
part 5.mp3 _ 5.3MB

Radio Productions

You can download and listen to complete works I have produced for the BBC radio at:


Here you can hear full-length works:

The Human Voice (1998)
A production of the Jean Cocteau play starring Harriet Walter

The Three Women (2000)
A rare radio work written by Sylvia Plath consisting of three intertwining interior dialogues

The Sounds of Love (2002)
A musical feature using the extraordinary sounds of love to be found in nature, starring a cast of hundreds of humans and animals.

The Woman With the Fork & Knife Disaster (2003)
A compelling psychological thriller written by Jackie Kay