Flower Echoes


01 Flower 06:37
02 Flame 04:26
03 Flow 08:05
04 Feast 04:52
05 Fly 05:55
06 Fine 06:11
07 Fresh 08:01

Sound and the City, initiated by British Council, is about taking music out of the concert hall and into the streets. It is a channel for local people to think beyond music, to the relationship between sound and their environment - to think of this artistically and emotionally. Under this idea, Mr. Scanner was invited to compose Flower Echoes for Guangzhou. He also had an in-depth communication with local artists and music lovers through series of activities such as workshop and performance, etc., which made a great contribution to strengthen the cultural link between China and UK.

Freely distributed CD in an edition of 35,000 copies

Written & produced by Robin Rimbaud
Scannerdot Publishing 2005